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Hail the King Chapter 578.1

Chapter 578: His Majesty’s Morning Meeting (Part One)

It was the same executive hall in the King’s Palace, but Fei wasn’t familiar to the decors and the interior design.

Fei was a minimalist, and he preferred simple styles. Therefore, when he first came to the Azeroth Continent, he didn’t like the overly fancy and bright design of his palace. Thus, since the city underwent renovation, he changed up his palace as well.

The good thing was that the project wasn’t costly. All the gold and silver furniture and decorations were moved and sold off, and the palace was now a lot simpler. There were now a lot more plants inside the palace, making it look like a garden.

Fei was sitting on his old stone throne that was clustered by two lion-like demon beast statues, and Little Raccoon was standing on his shoulder intimately, looking at Fei’s ministers curiously.

In front of the throne, there was a long rectangular stone pond that was about one meter wide. Some duckweeds were floating on the surface, and a few small fancy fishes were swimming in the pond.

“Your Majesty, the messenger of the Military Headquarter from St. Petersburg has been waiting for you for three to four days now. He asked you to go and see him, and he has a ton of ridiculous requests……” Brook said as he sat on a stone chair; he projected his voice so that everyone in the hall could hear him.

“Ridiculous requests? How ridiculous?” Fei smiled; he was very curious about it.

Fei returned to his palace half way through last night’s celebration, and Torres later reported that the messenger of the Military Headquarter tried to find him last night at the party. After not being able to find Fei, this messenger lost his temper and destroyed the atmosphere of the entire celebration. Drogba and Pierce who were short-tempered as well almost tried to beat that arrogant messenger up.

The agents Chambord had in St. Petersburg already passed the information about this messenger named Barkov to Fei through the Letter Office, so the king knew him well.

This person was a little nobleman from a weak family, but he somehow jumped on Crown Prince Arshavin’s bandwagon and started to get in power. In order to get recognized by Arshavin, Barkov did everything he could. He framed a lot of noblemen and military commanders who were either on Second Prince Dominguez’s side or held neutral stances, and you could say that his hands were covered in blood.

Since this man was sly and tactical, his political enemies couldn’t find his weaknesses and evidence of his crime. Therefore, the crown prince liked him, and a lot of people didn’t dare to mess with him even though they hated his guts. It was rumored that this man was the dagger in Arshavin’s hand which couldn’t be stained by blood.

Since the Military Headquarter ordered him to be the messenger and asked him to come to Chambord to get more information on the Jax Battle Zone, it was clear that the crown prince was behind all of this.

To be honest, Fei didn’t know why this prince, who was known as polite and welcoming of talents, hated him so much. From the look of things, it felt like the crown prince wanted to get rid of him.

Therefore, Barkov was clearly up to no good.

“My lord, that messenger has been wandering around Chambord, and he visited a lot of influential people in the city. Almost all the officials in the six administrative departments of Chambord received gifts from him, despite the ranking of their positions; even Bast and I got gifts from him. From the way he talked, he isn’t respectful toward Your Majesty, and he is trying to stir up……” Brook knew about everything that was going on in the city, so he reported in detail, “Also, this messenger is very interested in things like our teleportation array at the gate and our [Dragon Slayer] crossbows. He had asked us to provide the blueprints several times. Also, several officials in the bylaw enforcement ministry told me that he is also interested in the central water system, sewer system, traffic light system, etc. There had been some terrible incidents where workers and low-level mages were kidnapped and interrogated for the blueprints and core magic arrays!”

Perhaps because the king influenced him, Brook used a lot of technical terms in his report.

“Eh? From the sound of it, this Barkov has good eyes……” Fei thought about it and said, “Send someone to tell him that I’m busy and can’t make time to see him. Also tell him that if he wants to see me, we can talk about it in half a month.”

“As you wish!”

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