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Hail the King Chapter 578.2

Chapter 578: His Majesty’s Morning Meeting (Part Two)

Fei glanced around and got a little emotional.

Except for a dozen well-respected elderlies who were elected by the people of Chambord to attend these meetings, make public announcements, and clarify the rumors and misunderstanding around the new laws, other people in the hall were all mid-level and high-level officials.

Since Fei raised his blade and wiped out all the corrupted nobles in Chambord, most of these officials were young; the oldest one among them was younger than 40 years old, and the youngest one was about 19 years old. These people were all promoted based on talent and competency rather than backgrounds.

They would be the key to Chambord’s future rise.

Although the king was powerful, he couldn’t manage a kingdom using force alone. Therefore, since Fei was a king who was hands-off, these people in front of him were more irreplaceable.

“Half a year ago when I led our troop on the expedition, a lot of you were still regular citizens. Now, you are all key figures in the kingdom, and I recognize your faces and remember your names. I’m pleased with the work that you guys have done so far; it is clear that Mr. Bast and Mr. Brook couldn’t have done everything at Chambord alone. Therefore, you guys are all heroes of Chambord as well!”

What Fei said moved these people.

This young king who had a legendary past was charismatic enough to engage people with a few words and make them admire him.

“Eh, since you are all here, I have an announcement to make; it is going to be a lot of work to get everyone here again. In half a month when full moon arrives, I will be marrying Mr. Bast’s only daughter, Ms. Angela, and the archery professor at the Civil and Military University, Ms. Elena. I hope all of you could attend!” Fei said with a bright smile on his face.

Fei talked to Bast about this last night openly. To his surprise, this future father-in-law of his agreed to it readily; he wasn’t mad at all. The fact that Bast accepted it so easily worried Fei a little.

After a while, Fei figured that since Bast was from a noble family and acted strictly according to the etiquettes of nobles, he probably wasn’t opposed to polygamous relationships that were common to see in the noble’s circle.

Applauses instantly sounded in the hall.

Based on tradition, the king already passed the usual marrying age. In the Zenit Empire, a lot of princes were married at 12 years old.

This was a serious matter. The king already got canonized by the empire and was older than 18 years of age, but he still wasn’t married. A lot of people in the kingdom and the empire had been talking about this.

Therefore, Fei’s subordinates were happy for him when he made the announcement.

The two most beautiful girls at Chambord were finally claimed.

Of course, there were a few young men who were fond of the beautiful and powerful Valkyrie, and they were a little disappointed. However, on the second thought, only the king who was a talented genius was fit for marrying a girl like Elena. If anyone else said that he was going to marry Elena, the young men in the city would throw out white gloves according to tradition and challenge him.

The king’s marriage ceremony was treated as a grand celebration.

The officials in the Finance Department and the Rites Department quickly walked up and said that they would take care of all the planning and logistics.

The atmosphere in the hall got warmer and warmer; this just went to show how popular and loved Fei was as a king.

After the official meeting, Fei asked Bast, Brook, and Jessie to stay behind. According to the tradition of the Holy Church, after Fei officially gets canonized and becomes the bishop of the Black-Cloth Shrine, the headquarter of the shrine was going to be placed in Chambord.

In the next while, Jessie would be walking around the city and trying to select the best location for the new church.

This was an important matter, so Fei reminded Bast and Brook to coordinate with Jessie well.

After that, Fei returned to the back hall to have lunch with his fiancées.

Then, he quickly went to the back mountain of Chambord; all the key secrets were hidden inside the underground cave.

The old city already changed so much, so Fei couldn’t wait to see the underground cave that was the core of the project.

It was going to be an underground city filled with miracles.

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      Rather than killing the messenger, it’s better to give a show of force in front of that messenger. Chambord has many moon and star elites, probably more than what Zenit has. Spread enough information on how capable Chambord is militarily. And also about how wise and kind Fei to his people. It will deter Arshavin.

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