Chapter 579: The Underground Cave (Part One)

With Brook as the guide, Fei and his guard, Torres, went to the back mountain of Chambord.

Before Fei left with the troops half a year ago, he used his assassin character to set up a ton of magic traps in here, increasing the security of this crucial underground base.

Half a year had passed, and most of those magic traps expired. However, the security level of the back mountain was still high. Many of Cain and Akara’s terrifying magic creations were implemented in this restricted area.

The small square and the building that led to the entrance of the underground cave disappeared.

In their place were large rocks that weighed over a ton each. There were a lot of mosses and dents on them, perfectly fitting in with the other rocks on the mountain. They looked like they had been there for thousands of years, and even a person with the best observational skills wouldn’t be able to tell that these rocks were newly added.

The way to enter the underground cave now was through a teleportation array.

It was a part of Fei’s planning, and Cain and Akara made it happen. A unique soul frequency identification system was added to the magic array. Now, only the people who had their soul frequencies recorded and authorized were able to use the teleportation array and get into the underground cave.

Otherwise, even powerful mages wouldn’t be able to hack into the magic array. If anyone tried to do that, the teleportation array would self-detonate.

Therefore, this new setup guaranteed the safety of Chambord’s top secrets.

Brook, Fei, and Torres’ soul frequencies had been recorded, and they activated the teleportation array and entered the underground cave.

After a yellow energy flame and the feeling of being inside a spatial portal flashed by, Fei saw the very familiar underground corridor.

This corridor was about 2,000 meters long, and it was connected to the underground cave that was now known as the [City of Heroes].

Different from before where it was gloomy and was barely lit up by the flames in braziers that were hanging off the crude walls, the corridor was now completely renovated.

The green-greyish walls were fixed and painted with a magic mixture, and it was now bright and shiny. It reflected the lights from the soft silver magic lanterns on the wall, making this corridor look like the corridor in a godly palace.

Now, there was a black gate every 100 meters, blocking the way.

Fei took a closer look and realized that they were made from [Demons’ Remains] and ores known as [Black Stone Essence]. With dense magic runes engraved on them, it was clear that they were made by Cain and Akara as well. They were thick and immune to the attacks of people who were below the level of Six-Star. Fei lightly knocked one gate and realized that they could at least block one strike from a Full Moon Elite before getting destroyed; that gave the king a pleasant surprise.

A ton of precious materials was used here! As if a billionaire was feeding truffles and Champagne to a pig, it felt a little wasteful. If loads of [Demons’ Remains] and [Black Stone Essences] weren’t found deep inside the underground cave, Chambord wouldn’t be able to afford this. In fact, even level 5 and level 6 empires wouldn’t spend their resources like this.

Every single gate was guarded, and guards would only open the gates using unique mechanisms after confirming the identities.

These mechanisms were advanced, and they were from the [Demon King’s Wisdom]. Their name was [Gods’ Sign], meaning that even the gods would have to sign and feel powerless when faced with such mechanisms. Although it was a little exaggerated, it went to show how secure the mechanisms were.

After going through 19 gates, Fei, Brook, and Torres finally arrived at the [City of Heroes].

The king and his guard’s eyes lit up; they felt like they arrived at a paradise.

The huge underground cave was completely redone. The walls were painted with that silver magic mixture, lighting this space up and making it feel like it was daytime. A lot of colorful gems and crystals were inlaid on the walls and added a bit of playfulness to it.

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