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Hail the King Chapter 580.1

Chapter 580: The Combat Ability of Bylaw Enforcement Officers (Part One)

“What is going on? There is no safety drill scheduled for today.” Brook was surprised.

Since the construction of the [City of Heroes], people who came and went from this place had been tightly monitored, and the security was good. There had never been an incident where an unidentified person came into this place, but it happened today when the king was here for the tour.

Loud warning noises sounded non-stop, and the red warning lights on the walls flashed.

However, the people in the [City of Heroes] didn’t panic as much as Fei expected. The people who weren’t soldiers instantly backed off into the designated safety rooms, and they were smooth and coordinate; it was clear that they had practiced this many time. Then, as loud banging noises sounded, the gates of the safety rooms dropped down. There were a ton of magic runes on the gates, making them indestructible.

Next, the soldiers who protected the [City of Heroes] rushed out from everywhere.

A ton of small holes appeared on the walls, and arrows that were loaded onto [Dragon Slayer] crossbows came out of those holes. The sharp, white arrows heads looked chilling, and they almost filled the walls, making them look like the backs of hedgehogs.

As flames flashed, the stealth magic protection arrays were activated. Magic elements started to become chaotic in the underground cave, turning the paradise into a dangerous place where traps were everywhere.

Then, soldiers who were in magic armors dashed out of the teleportation arrays and controlled the key locations before searching for that unidentified person.

Fei nodded and smiled; he was pleased with what he saw.

No military base could be truly impeccable, so the king wasn’t mad that someone sneaked into the [City of Heroes]. He was pleased by the actions that took place after the unidentified person was discovered. A fast and systematic procedure after any breach was the key to keeping all information secure.

Multiple magic lights appeared on the wall, and they scanned the area and looked at all the corners and possible hiding places like searchlights.

These were called [True Sight], and they were recorded on [Demon King’s Wisdom]. They were powerful devices from the Mythical Era that could reveal stealth units and expose assassins as soon as the lights were shone on them.

“Your Majesty, it is dangerous here. Do you want to go somewhere else?” Several soldiers circled Fei, and their captain, who was on the rank of Saint Seiya, carefully asked Fei.

Currently, the soldiers of Chambord were placed in three ranks.

The top rank was Saint Seiya. Fei appointed a group of people when he first created this division. After some modification, there were now a total of 45 of people. The weakest one of them was a Two-Star Warrior, and the more powerful ones such as Drogba, Torres, and Cech were all Eight-Star and Nine-Star Warriors. Leo Saint Lampard was the most powerful, and he already advanced into the Moon-Class Realm.

The second rank was Bylaw Enforcement. Most of Chambord soldiers were bylaw enforcement officers, and there were about 500 of them, and most of them had taken diluted [Hulk Potion]. Even though they weren’t Star-level Warriors, some of them obtained a bit of warrior energy, and they were all physically strong and had great combat abilities.

The third rank was Militia. Almost all citizens of Chambord would receive some military training once they met the age requirement.

The captain in front of Fei right now was a mid-tier Two-Star Warrior, and he had ice-elemental warrior energy. He had six saint seiyas and 20 bylaw enforcement officers with him, tightly protecting the king.

“Don’t worry. I also want to see who was able to sneak into the [City of Heroes]. You don’t need to protect me; resume your search.” Fei smiled and shook his head.

He already spotted this unidentified person, but he didn’t tell the soldiers. He wanted to use this opportunity to see how good the saint seiyas and the bylaw enforcement officers have gotten.

Even though this captain heard Fei and started the search, he and his men were still carefully scattered around Fei.

To them, the safety of their king was more important than anything.

They knew that the king’s power was beyond their imagination, but they couldn’t just ditch their responsibilities.

The lights projected by the [True Sight] magic lights continued to scan the area, but Fei discovered that the person in stealth was quietly moving toward him.

This person was already a Moon-Class Elite, and he was much more powerful than the Chambord soldiers here. Besides, he also had on a cloak that helped him to stay stealth.

He easily passed by the soldiers and escaped from the scanning of the [True Sight].

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  1. Draghnof

    In fact the security is so tight that everybody who can sneak in should be moon class elite and so too powerful for normal soldiers and saint seiyas

    • OG

      Right. This part needs new updates from Fei.
      But to the plebiant this is solid.

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