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Hail the King Chapter 581.1

Chapter 581: Do You Know Now? (Part One)

Soon, the dust and the magic energy flames settled, and people finally saw what happened.

“Hahahah! Great! A little Chambord has such hidden military base and such terrifying magic weapons that no one knows about! Haha, great! Crown Prince His Highness is right! King Alexander, you sure want to commit treason!”

Even though this mid-aged man was covered in blood, he laughed without fear.

The magic arrays that trapped this man were all destroyed by the magic arrows, and this mid-aged man was now stuck into the hard ground from the waist down.

His right shoulder was penetrated through by a huge arrow that was as thick as a wine bottle, and his entire right arm almost fell off. Also, his abdomen area was penetrated through by another arrow, a few of his ribs broke, and a portion of his intestines was exposed. He was in a terrible condition, but he was a Moon-Class Elite and was able to withstand it. An ordinary person would have died with this level of injuries, but this man was fierce and completely ignored the wounds on his body as if someone else was injured.

As he shouted, his brows were raised like knives.

Even though he was in a devastating situation, he ignored the saint seiyas and bylaw enforcement officers who were approaching him. He took out a black token from his inner pocket using his intact left hand and threw it to Fei.

A mocking smile appeared on this mid-aged man’s face as he sneered, “Look at this token! I’m a guardian of the Senate to the royal family of Zenit, and I’m here to investigate Chambord under the order from Arshavin His Highness and see if you are really trying to commit treason. My identity is prestige, and injuring me is a big crime of its own. Do you really to commit treason? Quickly get rid of these soldiers and get me a healer!”

The people around him were all stunned.

They didn’t expect that this intruder would be one of the envoys from St. Petersburg. If this was the case and what he said was true, then Chambord couldn’t do anything to him even though it was already a level 1 affiliated kingdom. After all, no affiliated kingdom was given the power to judge and punish a guardian of the Senate.

“It is really him! I remember now; when that Barkov came to visit me, this man was behind him. He is the deputy envoy of the envoy group from St. Petersburg. I didn’t know that he has this identity as well…… Damn it!” Brook’s face changed color as he walked up and whispered into Fei’s ear.

For a moment, everyone was looking at Fei.

In this situation, only the king could decide on what to do.

“Humph! King of Chambord, what are you waiting for? Call over a mage to heal me! I heard that you defeated four Executive Knights on the No.1 Sword-Testing Stage and participated in the operation of hunting down assassins who killed Martial Saint Krasic. You have a bright future, and my advice to you is not to mistake your potential as real strength. The real reason that you were able to dominate in the Capital was that we, the seniors, didn’t want to lower ourselves to teach you a lesson. Humph! Don’t think that no one in the empire could deal with you!” this mid-aged man said with chilliness in his eyes. He wasn’t respectful at all.

“How dare you!”


“How dare you to be so rude in front of a level 2 noble of the empire?”

After hearing the mockery, the saint seiyas and bylaw enforcement officers all shouted. To these warriors, the Crown Prince and the Senate meant nothing. If their king gave the order, they would rush over and kill this man without hesitation.

As soon as this mid-aged man finished speaking, Fei suddenly smiled and broke his silence.

“The Crown Prince’s intelligence network sure is slow; or, he didn’t want to tell you the truth?”

“What?” the mid-aged man was confused.

Fei looked at the saint seiyas and bylaw enforcement officers and said in a moderate speed, “This person is a member of Spartax, and he stole the identity of a guardian of the Senate and is trying to defame the Crown Prince. He is a real criminal! I will go to Emperor Yassin and get the person, who captures this criminal, the reward he deserves!”

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