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Hail the King Chapter 581.2

Chapter 581: Do You Know Now? (Part Two)

“What? You…… How dare you!!!!?” the mid-aged man was so angry that his face paled. He said as his lips twitched, “King of Chambord, you are really committing treason! I already showed my badge, and you are still……”

Before he could finish, the soldiers of Chambord already charged at him.

This man was getting his butt handed to him. He was a New Moon Elite who could destroy the saint seiyas and bylaw enforcement officers here, but the magic defense system at the [City of Heroes] was too strong, and the crossbows were too powerful. He was a little careless and instantly got severely injured. At the moment, his legs were stuck in the ground, and he had less than 20% of his strength left. Although he wasn’t in immediate danger, he couldn’t get away easily.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It felt like a bunch of tigers were trying to eat a dragon when the soldiers of Chambord rushed toward this man fiercely.

For a moment, various colored warrior energy flames appeared, and the battle was crazy. As loud booming noises sounded, Chambord soldiers were knocked away. However, more and more soldiers charged at this man, not giving him a chance to breathe.

Fei just stood on the side and watched with a smile on his face.

However, he was secretly knocking his fingers to send hidden energies into the battle.

These hidden energies blocked the most lethal strikes coming from this intruder just in time, and the soldiers of Chambord who got knocked away didn’t get any life-threatening injuries. After shaking their heads to get rid of the dizziness, they got up and jumped in the battle again.

The king was using this poor man as a stepping stone to train the saint seiyas and bylaw enforcement officers so that they could get more battle experience.

“Ahahahah! King of Chambord! I’m going to kill you!!” this intruder who was a little fatigued now finally felt like something strange was going on, and dashes of energy flames appeared, knocking away all the soldiers of Chambord.

With a vicious expression on his face, he took out a sealed scroll from his inner pocket and shook it.

“Let me kill you first, and these idiots will know to back off!!!”


A dash of golden sword energy shot through the air, leaving black cracks in the space as it was faster than lightning.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

This sword energy was sharp, and it instantly destroyed more than a dozen magic arrays that the soldiers of Chambord secretly placed around Fei which were able to block the full-on strikes of Moon-Class Elites.

“Save His Majesty!”

“Quick! Save His Majesty!”

The soldiers panicked when they saw that the sword energy was going for Fei’s forehead. The soldiers who were close to Fei tried to jump over and block it for the king instinctively before their brains could process what was going on.

Even though this sword energy could penetrate through multiple magic shields and was capable of killing them instantly, none of them hesitated.

The soldier who jumped over first was that Two-Star Warrior who had ice-elemental warrior energy. With his eyes wide open, he burned his warrior energy and tried to slow down this golden sword energy with his life.

This golden sword energy seemed to have already touched his forehead, and skin on his forehead was cut. As the blood drops were about to slide down his face, the vicious Grim Reaper already raised his sickle.

This saint seiya was staring at this golden sword energy angrily, and he was about to witness how it was going to pierce through his head and destroy his body.

Suddenly, the situation changed. That piercing pain disappeared, and the golden sword energy was gone from his vision. Instead, he saw the broad and strong back of a person.

“It is His Majesty!” this saint seiya instantly recognized who this person was.

His eyes opened wider as he thought, “So…… so fast!!! His Majesty…… When…… How could he be faster than that sword energy? Sh*t! That sword energy……”

He was terrified when he realized that the king was right in front of that golden sword energy.

On the other hand, that mid-aged man was stunned as well; what he saw made him lose hope, and his heart was sinking to the bottom of an abyss.

“Do you know now?” Fei asked this intruder calmly.

In front of the king, there were layers of transparent ripples, creating crystal lotuses one after another. That golden sword energy was forced back by a meter, and it was imprisoned by those transparent ripples. Like a snail that was stuck in a swamp, it couldn’t move around. The golden light on it shone brighter and brighter, but it couldn’t do anything.

“Know…… know what?” the mid-aged man asked dispiritedly.

Fei sighed and looked at this man as if the latter was the most stupid person in the world. As a confident smile appeared on his face, Fei unleashed his power, looked down on this intruder, and stated, “You should know that except for Emperor Yassin, no one else in the empire could fight against me! Even if there are numerous hidden masters, none of them could rival with me! Even if that person behind you has hundreds of thousands of soldiers, got a ton of influence, and won the throne, he couldn’t do anything to me! If I want to, I can kill him easily!”

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