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Hail the King Chapter 582.1

Chapter 582: The Son of An Acquaintance (Part One)

Even a saint would get mad if someone provoked him or her enough, let alone Fei.

After being pressured and provoked by Arshavin and his henchmen multiple times, Fei got mad this time when they tried to accuse him of committing treason. When he spat those words, he didn’t hide his murderous spirit. Although he didn’t name drop Arshavin, his threatening tone was unhidden.

After hearing what Fei said, this mid-aged man lost all hope and froze.

When Fei was speaking, he lightly breathed out and blew onto that golden sword energy. What shocked this intruder was that the golden sword energy that was invincible before got shattered into dust before dispersing into the air. After a few seconds, it felt like it never existed.

At this moment, this mid-aged man realized what the King of Chambord meant with those words, and he understood how powerful this king was.

He knew whom this golden sword energy was from and how powerful it was.

This ultimate trump card was given to him so that he could assassinate the King of Chambord if the timing was right, but now it seemed like their plans and schemes were ridiculous. He felt like they were a few dogs that were trying to kill a holy dragon.

The king’s power was beyond the stretch of their imaginations.

When the king got serious, even the vague aura he showed made this mid-aged man, who was a Moon-Class Elite, feel like a huge mountain was about to crush down on his back.

Indefensible power!

This mid-aged man redefined King Alexander in his mind, and he suddenly felt a little sorry for Crown Prince Arshavin.

“If Zenit’s God of War who is proud right now knows what happened to the King of Chambord’s strength in half a year, he would change his stance without hesitation. From the look of it, this battle he is fighting is meaningless, and he has no chance of winning. If nothing drastic occurs, the outcome of this battle between the prince, who is the most talented commander at Zenit, and the young nobleman, who is rising in the empire the quickest, is already determined.”

This mid-aged man who thought everything through surrendered; he knew the law of the jungle and the fact that absolute power could destroy anything.

When a saint seiya walked over to put the magic handcuffs on him, he didn’t even try to resist. With the king who was a powerful master here, there was no way that he could get out; putting up more resistance was like asking for more humiliation.

“Hand him over to the Justice Department.” Fei waved his hand.

Although he didn’t say anything, he knew that Oleg knew what he wanted. Since this person sneaked into the tightly guarded and protected [City of Heroes], it meant that something went wrong. The loophole needed to be exposed and fixed.

The person behind all this was clear, so no work needed to be done there.

“King of Chambord……”

Before he was dragged away, this mid-aged man looked at Fei and wanted to say something when he passed the king. However, he only sighed in the end.

Before, he thought that this king was an arrogant young man who didn’t know his boundaries. Even though Crown Prince Arshavin told him specifically to be aware and be careful at Chambord, this overly-proud guardian of the Senate disregarded it. In his eyes, even if a king of an affiliated kingdom was talented, he couldn’t do anything without enough resources and guidance.

“A sparrow is going to be a sparrow. How could it jump on a tree and become a phoenix?” he once thought.

Well…… the sparrow did jump on a tree, and it didn’t just become a phoenix; it turned into a terrifying holy dragon!

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  1. Leon

    Justice department should change name to torture deparment.
    And he the worst assassin ever, reveal everything just like that

  2. shadowtrap2010

    … i think somewhere on the web… there a spider that got the system and it probably eating a dragon right now!!!

  3. HE’s prolly not a professional assassin,he’s just one the kingdom’s hidden moon class elite and at the moment sent to kill Fei,he was stupid to not just run as soon as he was discovered,showing his lack of experience as an assassin

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