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Hail the King Chapter 582.2

Chapter 582: The Son of An Acquaintance (Part Two)

“Can anyone in the Zenit Empire deal with this powerful young king?” this mid-aged man thought as he was dragged to the prison in the basement of the underground cave.

At the moment, he was really weak. Due to the loss of blood and severe injuries, his face was pale, and his lips turned black. However, the information he just got shocked him more than the bodily injuries he was suffering from.

After thinking through the hidden masters of the empire, he made a shocking discovery. Even if all the masters who belonged to Zenit came out, none of them could overpower this king.

“What this king said is true. If Emperor Yassin doesn’t come out, no one could deal with him. What is also terrifying is that the soldiers of Chambord are looking at this king as if he is a god; even the most devoted believers couldn’t be compared to them. The way they look at him is even scarier than how the soldiers at the [Iron Blood Legion] look at Arshavin.” When he thought back to how the soldiers of Chambord looked at their king, this mid-aged man got fearful. It was easy to imagine that if the king raised his arms and wanted to break away from Zenit, these soldiers would listen to him wholeheartedly. In their minds, the Zenit Empire wasn’t anything.

Soldiers and people in the military knew how terrifying that was, and even regular people could see the issue for Zenit.

“Is it fortunate or unfortunate that the King of Chambord was born in Zenit?” he thought.


This small incident was quickly over, and Fei demonstrated to his people how powerful he was. As a result, the saint seiyas and bylaw enforcement officers worshipped him even more.

Now, they were no longer farmers who could only swing their farm equipment at the invaders on the defense wall. As official soldiers who either obtained warrior energy or on the verge of getting it, they could tell that their king’s strength was broad like the ocean.

As they chanted ‘hail the king’, Fei took out a bottle of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] and healed the injured soldiers himself.

This simple action touched these soldiers even more, and some of them even teared up.

After Fei healed the Three-Star Warrior who silently laid down the magic traps and successfully dragged down that intruder who was a Moon-Class Elite, he asked, “Warrior, tell me your name.”

This young man displayed courage as well as intelligence, leaving a mark on Fei’s mind. Just the impression he gave Fei in those few seconds made the king feel like this young man could be built into something greater, and the king couldn’t stop his love for talent.

“Your Majesty, my name is Ed Hazard, the son of Terry Hazard,” the young man answered excitedly. He didn’t waver when facing the Moon-Class Elite, but his voice shivered when answering the king’s question. It just went to show how much the king weighed in their minds.

“Huh? You are the son of the blacksmith, Old Hazard?” Fei knew this young man’s father.

“Ah?…… Your Majesty…… You…… You know my father?” this young man was surprised, and he felt very honored. He didn’t expect the great king who was very busy to know a poor blacksmith.

“Hahaha! Why wouldn’t I? When we fought the black-armored enemies last autumn, I battled the enemies alongside your father. Your father used a forge hammer and killed six enemies. He lost one of his legs in the battle, and he is a real fighter. Young man, you are even better than your father; you didn’t lose face for him!” Fei said.

He had a great memory, and the battle was the first battle he got involved in after he came to this world so that he could recall it vividly. He still remembered a lot of faces and names of the people who helped with the city’s defense.

Although Fei didn’t realize what this meant to his people, the soldiers all reacted. Being remembered by the king was a great honor!

Not only Ed Hazard, but other saint seiyas and bylaw enforcement officers were motivated by how much the king cared for his people.

The charisma the king showed made the soldiers fall for him more compared to his great strength.

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