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Hail the King Chapter 583.1

Chapter 583: Chambord’s Education System (Part One)

Fei thought about it and took out a cultivation technique scroll from his storage space, gifting it to Ed Hazard.

This was a unique technique that Fei created on the way back to Chambord. It was based on an interesting technique from [Demon King’s Sword], and Fei named it [Diamond Dust Fist]. In terms of warrior energy property, it was perfect for Ed Hazard.

Subconsciously, Fei wanted to turn this young man into Bronze Saint of Cygnus since he looked similar to Hyōga, the original Bronze Saint of Cygnus in the anime.

As his peers looked at him with envy, Ed carefully took the scroll and treated it like a supreme treasure.

“One more thing; how did you find that invader?” Fei suddenly thought back to how this young man discovered that mid-aged man, and it was a little unimaginable. Without external help, Ed Hazard, who was only a Three-Star Warrior, shouldn’t be able to discover that Moon-Class Elite.

“Your Majesty, that is because we all have this magic item with us……” Ed took a watch-like item off his wrist and handed it over to Fei carefully. He explained, “Anyone who is below the realm of Sun-Class couldn’t hide all their bodily heat. They couldn’t do it even if they have great stealth techniques and stealth items. Professor Cain said that all the pores on a person’s body are constantly emitting heat. This device, with the help from the special paint on the wall called [Demon Moon’s Light], could sense all the minuscule changes in heat in an area five meters around it. Therefore……”

“That old man really made it?” Fei was pleasantly surprised, and he also didn’t know what do say.

It was him who told Cain about the heat being emitted by the pores, and Cain didn’t believe it at first. Now, he was promoting the same theory as if he discovered it.

Soon, the loud warnings ended, and the red warning lights on the walls also stopped flashing.

After the saint seiyas and bylaw enforcement officers searched around the [City of Heroes] again and made sure that there were no more intruders, the [Dragon Slayers] were pulled back, and all the gates locking down the safety rooms slowly reopened. Then, the workers and students walked out of there and continued with their tasks calmly.

There were designated personnel who were in charge of cleaning up the mess created by the battle.

The saint seiyas and bylaw enforcement officers all saluted at the king and left through the teleportation arrays one group after another.

This underground cave returned to its calm, peaceful, refreshing, and pleasant state, and it felt like nothing happened. The birds and cute animals that went to hide somewhere returned as well, squeaking and chirping as they looked at the people who were walking around curiously.

Fei nodded in satisfaction.

The [City of Heroes] indeed had a powerful magic defense system, and it was beyond his estimation. When he wandered around afterward, he spotted even more magic traps and killing mechanisms that weren’t used in the battle. Therefore, even if he weren’t here, that mid-aged man couldn’t get away.

Before the renovation project began, Cain and Akara were very confident in their modification of the design of the [City of Heroes]; they said that the powerful magic traps and killing mechanisms were enough to handle Moon-Class Elites. Even if Sun-Class Lords entered this place, they would get a headache. From the look it, those two mad scientists weren’t bluffing.

Fei reviewed the design put forth by them before, and he knew that less than one-tenth of the plan was implemented. It was enough to capture a New Moon Elite now; once completed, it would be enough to tie down Sun-Class Lords.

By using the magic elevator, Fei went to every floor and checked out the implemented designs one by one with Brook and Torres.

The first floor to the fifth floor was open to anyone, and there were resting rooms, dining halls, workout rooms, etc. The sixth floor to the 15th floor was the campus of the Civil and Military University. The rooms on the ten floors were divided into places such as classrooms, experimental rooms, practice rooms, common weaponry rooms, and libraries. This university was based on the universities in Fei’s previous life, and all the facilities were there. There were more than 1,000 kids between the age of ten and 18 studying here, and they were the key to Chambord’s future rise.

All the kids who were younger than ten years old were getting pre-schooled in the Chambord City, and only the more talented and extraordinary kids were taken into the Civil and Military University as exceptions.

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  1. bananaisblue

    He should expand his army and train more elites in a more ambitious manner. The Saints > Sun Elites, Bylaws > Moon Elites, and a regular army > Star Elites. Plus a dedicated assassins unit. His fight is against the Church. Thus to train a super strong army is a must.

  2. bananaisblue

    He clearly has solid financial cheat to fund his new army and the Black Church. The Black Church can help acquiring needed resources to train his army. Anyway, to waste the Cubic by making it idle is simply a sin lol.

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