Chapter 584: The Mysterious Altar and Teleportation Portal (Part One)

-Deep inside the tunnel behind the underground cave-

This was a space that was much larger than the [City of Heroes]. This place was surrounded by an icy, bottomless abyss, leaving the tunnel as the only way to come and go from here.

Cracks could be seen everywhere on the ground, making it look like a dry river bed. However, the heat that could be sensed through the cracks told everyone that this place was way scarier than a dry river bed.

In the middle of this space, there was a pyramid-like mountain of white bones. It was about 700 meters tall, the diameter at the bottom of the mountain was more than 1,000 meters.

The bones were very reflective, and blue will-o’-the-wisps were burning from time to time, adding to the strange yet mystic beauty of this place.

More than a dozen simple tents were constructed beside this mountain of white bones, and crisp metal-colliding noises sounded from around the tents. From these sounds alone, one could tell that the blacksmith who was doing the forging must be a master. That person was able to turn the ear-piercing noise into rhythmic music, making people fell for it.

Suddenly, a blue magic energy flame flashed on a portable magic teleportation station that was located beside the tent.

Then, Fei, Brook, and Torres appeared on it.

“Almost nothing changed……” Fei glanced around and noticed everything. Compared with the huge changes that took place in the [City of Heroes], this mysterious space didn’t get altered that much. The only thing different was that there were a few more tents.

Of course, Fei knew the reason.

Every 20 days or so, terrifying ice blocks would be jetted out of the dark abyss, and the cracks on the ground would also shoot out terrifying Flames of Earth Core. The drastic difference in temperature would create rainstorms and tornadoes, and the wind alone could blow Nine-Star Warriors away.

Since the environment in this place was so terrible, it was meaningless trying to construct permanent buildings here.

However, since the Flames of Earth Core was required to melt the [Demons’ Remains] and [Black Stone Essences], most of the forging of weapons and armors were done here. During the days when there was no rainstorm and tornado, the busty blacksmith from the Diablo World, Charsi, would bring her disciples from Chambord here. They would live in these tents and forge items with iron hammers beside the magic furnaces that could suck the energy from the Flames of Earth Core underground.

“Huh? Alexander, you are here? Long time no see! Eh, you are a lot more handsome and cuter than before! I heard that you are going to marry our [Flower of Rogue] soon? You are very lucky! It is rare to see a powerful, cute, and gentle female rogue like Elena……” As soon as she saw Fei, Charsi, who was swinging her hammer and forging a huge weapon, greeted Fei passionately as she swiped the sweat off her forehead.

Charsi was such a simple yet warm-hearted girl.

Out of all the NPCs from [Rogue Encampment], she was the only one who ignored Fei’s identity as the supreme leader of the camp as well as the King of Chambord; she treated Fei like a real friend. Ever since Fei got her that magical hammer, she had been very passionate toward him and called him handsome and cute.

“Eh, thanks for the hard work,” Fei walked up and greeted the members in Charsi’s team.

There was a ton of renovation happening every day. If it weren’t for Charsi and other blacksmiths such as Samuel who all worked day and nights, the progress wouldn’t be that quick. Cain, Akara, and Fei only came up with the ideas and the blueprints, and actually turning the blueprints into reality required a lot of skill and confidence. Everything in Chambord that had magic runes engraved on them was made by Charsi and her assistants.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Charsi’s team of 50 to 60 people worked the hardest in Chambord, and they deserved a lot of credits.

“Hahaha, it is not hard at all! We are used to it. If I don’t swing the hammer and forge something, I would feel like I lost my loved one!” Charsi showed Fei her magical hammer as a bright smile appeared on her face and her red ponytail fluttered in the air.

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