Chapter 584: The Mysterious Altar and Teleportation Portal (Part Two)

This girl was a born-blacksmith; the most enjoyable thing in her life was forging.

In reality, every person in [Rogue Encampment] was obsessed with something. For example, Akara and Cain were in love with magic research, Charsi was obsessed with forging, Merchant Gheed was great at reading other people’s minds, and Military Leader Kashya was crazy about killing enemies…… It felt like all of them were living for their passions, and no ordinary people could understand them

To Fei, they were all top talents, and he was desperate for their help.

“Yeah, if I don’t listen to Master Charsi’s hammering noises for a day, I could feel like I haven’t eaten anything for the whole day……” this female blacksmith’s no.1 disciple, Samuel, smiled and said to the king as well.

This man was the former no.1 blacksmith at Chambord, and he didn’t want to admit defeat to Charsi. Now, his attitude completely changed, and he saw Charsi as his master. Out of all the blacksmiths here, he got the most progress in skills. He was able to forge a magic item on his own now, and he was a rare blacksmith that even thousands of gold coins couldn’t recruit.

The passionate NPCs from [Rogue Encampment] were helping Fei by teaching and raising groups of talents.

Fei went to watch these blacksmith work. He saw Ed Hazard’s father, Terry Hazard, working here as well.

This man lost his right leg in the battle against the black-armored enemies, and Fei designed a prosthesis for him. Now, this man was able to stand straight and continue his passion for forging.

The king got interested in forging as well after seeing everyone doing it, and he gave it a shot as well. However, he destroyed six pieces of work-in-process items that were close to becoming magic items in a row, so he gave up; it looked like he didn’t have talent in this aspect.

Soon, the blacksmith started to pack up. They took down the tents, put their tools away, and left this place using the portable teleportation station.

The event that would occur every month was about to arrive.

The chilly energy from the abyss was getting more and more intense, and ice blocks shot out from the abyss. Also, more and more heat energy was coming from the cracks on the ground.

Since the rainstorm was about to hit, the blacksmiths who were weak wouldn’t be able to stand up against this situation.

Under Fei’s persuasion, Brook and Torres also left with the blacksmiths; Fei was the only one who was there.

Soon, as clapping noises sounded, huge drops of water fell. The rain got more aggressive, and it felt like someone was pouring water out of a gigantic bucket.

Bam Bam! Bam!

Huge pieces of ice blocks were tossed up from the bottomless abyss, and the Flames of Earth Core started to appear. All the moisture in the air around Fei was evaporated and turned into liquid before falling onto the ground.

As the cold and hot air mixed, the terrifying tornadoes appeared.

When Fei first encountered this a year ago, he almost lost his life. It was fortunate that he tied himself to a stone pillar made from [Black Stone Essence]; that move saved his life, and it also allowed him to see the mysterious altar at the bottom of the mountain of white bones.

Compared with a year ago, Fei’s strength had improved drastically.

Faced with the heavy rainstorm and tornadoes, Fei created an invisible energy sphere and blocked off everything two meters away. Without being affected, Fei calmly walked forward.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The crazy wind blew all the pieces of [Demons’ Remains] into the air.

Soon, the entire mountain made of white bones flew into the air, and it looked like a cloud of bones in the sky. The bones spun and circled in the air as if they were alive, and the ear-piercing bone-grinding noises made when the bones hit each other resonated in the area. The entire scene was terrifying.

As the white bones flew into the air, it revealed the mysterious no-name altar which was at the bottom of the mountain of white bones.

Fei walked toward this mysterious altar and stared at the blue portal on it; he wasn’t sure if he should enter or not. After all, he didn’t know where it led to.

As the king thought about this question, he looked away from the portal and focused onto the scriptures that were lightly engraved on this mysterious altar.

He made some discoveries.

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