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Hail the King Chapter 585.1

Chapter 585: Last Ancestral Place (Part One)

This mysterious altar was about six meters tall, it was in the shape of an octagon, and there was a total of eight levels. It was made from a type of unknown black stone, and it felt heavy just by looking at it. The blue portal at the top level of the altar lit up the entire structure, making it look like a lighthouse of hell.

On the surface of the bottom seven levels, there were thick, finger-wide magic engravings. They looked ancient yet fundamental, and the smooth lines formed many magic pathings that were filled with an ancient magic energy sensation. However, Fei, who wasn’t a magic connoisseur, didn’t understand the magic arrays.

Nevertheless, he knew that the style of magic was from the Mythical Era, which was quite different from the current day magic.

On the side of the eighth level, Fei discovered a line of writing.

“In the name of the great Dwarf God, Fiat, open the gate to the last ancestral place……”

These were written in the ancient language used in the Mythical Era, and the modern language used on the Azeroth Continent was based on it. What was surprising was that the language in Diablo World was strikingly similar to this ancient language. Fei studied this language from Cain and Akara a little, so he was able to make out the meaning of this sentence after a while.

“Dwarf God Fiat?” Fei heard stories about the legendary heroes and gods in the Mythical Era from traveling poets, and Dwarf God Fiat was one of the protagonists in those stories.

It was heard that this dwarf god was one of the terrifying heroes on the side of the demons, and he was the primordial god to all the branches and clans of dwarfs. He controlled one of the ten major god-tier combat weapons, [Ax of Earth], and he killed many powerful masters on the side of the gods. He was well-known and invincible.

However, for some reason, this powerful god still fell.

Now, a lot of people believed that the dwarfs disappeared from the continent because their god suddenly died. The dwarfs were half as tall as a human, lived in underground caves, had long hair and beard, and were all great blacksmiths. Without the protection of their god, they lost their honors and went extinct.

Even though they disappeared, they once formed gigantic empires and had great civilizations. Until now, the marks they left on this continent were still affecting how people lived. For example, they were the ones who created combat weapons.

A famous traveling poet had once said that all the famous god-tier items, god-tier combat weapons, and semi-god-tier combat weapons were all created by the dwarfs from the Mythical Era, and all the skills the blacksmiths on the continent nowadays used were all the inheritance from the dwarfs.

This just went to show how powerful the dwarfs were back in the days.

Fei didn’t expect that this altar below the mountain of white bones was the creation of the dwarfs.

From the look of it, it seemed like this altar was crucial to the dwarfs, and it led to the so-called last ancestral place.

Fei looked back at the blue portal on the top of the altar.

After thinking for a bit, he summoned [The Throne of Chaos], sat on it, and entered the portal with a determined expression on his face.

[The Throne of Chaos] could break all the restrictions, and it could protect Fei so that he wouldn’t get lost in the spatial and temporal portal. Even if there were dangers, Fei could escape.

With several other trump cards on him, Fei decided to explore this mysterious place.

After all, this was under the back mountain of Chambord. Fei had to make sure that this portal wasn’t connected to a dangerous and deadly place. Otherwise, Chambord would be sitting on a volcano that could erupt at any moment, and Fei would have to move the city away.


After a series of buzzing noises and blurry visions, Fei appeared in another place.

The wind was lightly blowing, and the bright sun could be seen in the sky; he was no longer in an underground cave.

The danger he was anticipating didn’t appear. There were no warrior energy or magic energy surges around him, and there was no cranking metal gear that activated traps.

It just looked like an ordinary deserted and isolated place.

However, when Fei looked up, his expression got interesting.

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