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Hail the King Chapter 586.1

Chapter 586: The Dwarf King (Part One)

“Hahahaha! There are tens of thousands of weapons in this isolated valley! Almost every skeleton has a weapon in its hand…… If they are all sharp like this blade and are combat weapons, then this place is literally a great weapon storage for Chambord! Hahaha, these weapons are much better than the weapons made from [Demons’ Remains] and [Black Stone Essences]. Even Charsi couldn’t forge out weapons on this level yet!”

Fei looked around at the skeletons in the area as well as the weapons that were stuck in their bones, and he got a little excited.

After placing this combat weapon into his storage space, Fei’s eyes landed on a sword that was two meters away from him.

He waved his hand, and an energy rushed out his body and pulled that sword into his hand.

Just like how the blade Fei first picked up, there were rusts and soil with mosses on the body of the sword. After experiencing the passage of time, it gave a feel of vicissitude. Fei shook his wrist, and the rusts and soil fell off the sword, revealing the black body.

There was a long blood groove that was as thick as a thumb on the body of this sword, and many thin patterns were connected to it.

A fire-elemental energy surge soon appearing on it.

In addition, the tip of the sword looked like the split tongue of a snake. The tip separated into two, and it felt like the strange dark light shining on the sword could devour all bright lights, making the sword look like a wicked beauty.

Fei lightly swung the sword, and a burning sword energy dashed out.

This was a fire-elemental level 5 combat weapon, not inferior to the wind-elemental level 5 combat weapon that he just got!

“Hahahahahaha! I’m too damn lucky! There is such a valuable place connected to the underground cave of Chambord City!

“Could it be that I’m a real demi-god who was left on the continent by a powerful deity?” Fei thought after getting such a large amount of treasures.

After placing this sword into his storage space, Fei waved his hand and pulled over a spear that was more than three meters long. He shook it with his hands and was about to laugh, but he suddenly felt like his hands were too light. Then, the smile froze on his face, and it was a little funny.

It turned out that this spear cracked and broke into pieces after Fei shook it. Right now, there was only a short stick that was less than 50 centimeters long in his hands.

“This……” Fei didn’t know what was going on, so he paid close attention to this weapon.

Although this spear was a combat weapon, it was at a lower level compared with the blade and the sword. After many years, its uniqueness as a combat weapon went away, and it was now even worse than an ordinary weapon. How could it withstand Fei’s great strength?”

“Eh…… It looks like not all weapons are well-kept. After a long time passed by, the low-level combat weapons are turned into regular weapons, and the two combat weapons I just collected were probably high-level combat weapons before falling into level 5……”

Fei instantly thought through a lot of things, and it greatly disappointed the king who was just getting excited over the prospect of this place.

As he walked around and investigated a bit more, his hypothesis was proven.

There were about 4,000 weapons in this valley, but most of them were destroyed. Only less than 1,000 of them were not damaged, but most of them had either fallen into the level of ordinary weapons or completely rusted out.

Even the materials required for the lowest-leveled combat weapon were rare magic ores, and they had their spirits. They were hard to melt and forge, and the weapons made from them were overpowering. However, these weapons were still too weak against the passage of time. Now, most of the weapons in this valley were useless.

As Fei walked around, he tried to pick out the complete combat weapons from the bones on the battleground.

After an hour, Fei finally got more than 20 combat weapons that still had their spirits. Most of them were below level 5, but there was a huge black sword that was a level 8 combat weapon, enough to increase the power of a warrior by eight times. If it were a level higher, it would be comparable to the [Sand of Earthly Anger] of Jax and the [Black Crystal Wand] of St. Germain, which were semi-god-tier combat weapons, A.K.A level 9 combat weapons.

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