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Hail the King Chapter 587.1

Chapter 587: Bloody Book, Doomsday (Part One)

This man was the emperor of the dwarfs; the crown on his head explained it.

Fei discovered that this emperor died in the most painful way possible; there was a big hole in his chest, and his heart was ripped away from his body. What was surprising was that blood was still dripping from this big wound.

Different from the 40 dwarf masters around the monument, this emperor’s corpse didn’t dry up at all. His blood was still bright red, and he looked like he was at his prime.

His eyes were wide open, and there was an angry and unwilling expression on his face. He was looking up at the sky as if there was a terrifying enemy there.

This scene was strange and terrifying.

Fei felt like someone was blowing cold air onto his neck, and all the hair on his body stood up.

Many years had passed since this dwarf emperor died, but his blood was still bright and contained energy; it felt like he was going to resurrect at any moment. It was clear that his strength was higher than the 40 dwarf masters who were protecting this monument; Sun-Class Lords were probably ants in his eyes when he was still alive. However, he was still killed by an unknown enemy and got his heart taken away; it was truly shocking.

From the look of it, it seemed like he was sneak-attacked, and he didn’t have time to react. This just went to show how powerful this enemy was.

“How powerful is that level? Gods?”

Fei felt like he understood the Azeroth Continent too little. He never thought about levels above Sun-Class Realm; he believed that the level of Sun-Class was the summit of cultivation.

From how things looked, it seemed like he couldn’t be more wrong. At least this dead dwarf emperor in front of Fei right now was beyond the Sun-Class Realm, and the enemy who killed him was even more powerful.

“Are there gods in this world?”

In myths and legends, a drop of blood from a god could instantly kill a Sun-Class Lord. What level was that? Could these gods really live for eternity?

Fei reached out his hand and lightly touched the blood on this dwarf emperor’s wound.

As soon as he touched it, he felt like his entire finger was getting burned by the hellfire; it was excruciating, and he thought he placed his finger in a pot of lava.

Even though his body was tough, a layer of skin on his finger was instantly burned off. That tiny bit of blood was comparable to the Flames of Earthly Core, and it was insane.

The result of this experiment was similar to the legend where a drop of blood from a god could kill a master.

Fei was clear that the energy contained in this bit of blood was long lost due to the passage of time, and it was no longer that powerful. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to get within ten meters of this emperor.

Too powerful!

This dwarf emperor who died many years ago was still this powerful!

Even Emperor Yassin who said that he was inferior to no one probably couldn’t be compared to this emperor!

Fei lowered his head, and he suddenly froze.

On the stone stairs in front of this dwarf emperor, there was a pair of light footprints…… Wait, they were actually a pair of hoof prints; they weren’t left by a human. These hoof prints were about two centimeters deep into the stairs, and each of them was about 50 centimeters wide.

These two hoof prints were abrupt, and they were emitting murderous spirits, giving Fei the chills.

Fei felt like the creature that left this pair of hoof prints was the murderer of this dwarf emperor.

It looked like the enemies of the dwarfs who killed all these dwarfs at their last ancestral place were not humans but rather unknown and unidentified creatures.

Of course, all of this was still Fei’s hypothesis.

Fei finally landed his eyes on the thick book in this dwarf emperor’s hand. After some hesitation, he walked up and carefully took this book out.

He lightly blew the dust off the cover page before carefully opening the book. It looked like a diary, and it was written in the text used in the Mythical Era.

The first few hundred pages were stained by blood and couldn’t be read, and only the last 20 pages or so were readable.

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