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Hail the King Chapter 588.1

Chapter 588: Mystery of History (Part One)

This was a diary that recorded the doomsday of the continent.

The record ended here, and the writing became unclear and messy; the last few words were barely recognizable.

From the look of things, this dwarf king experienced great shock and could no longer continue writing.

Fei exhaled deeply as he slowly closed this bloody book.

After seeing it, a series of clear yet tragic and destructive images appeared in his head. He could imagine how it felt when this dwarf king lived through that terrifying era.

The gigantic empires were crushed by the powerful enemies one after another, and they couldn’t do anything about it. Darkness enveloped the land, and numerous races went extinct. Numerous gods and demons died in battles, and every single creature on the continent felt desperate. No one could see a future, and almost all the creatures were wiped out in about a month and a half!

It was the doomsday!

Although the diary only recorded the significant events that took place with a few words, the desperation and hopelessness that the emperor of the dwarfs, Gerard Bill, felt was conveyed to Fei through the pages, and it was suffocating.

After reading this blood-stained diary, Fei felt like a massive piece of stone was weighing on his mind.

The diary ended abruptly as if something terrible happened, and Fei guessed that the terrifying enemies, who were ‘pseudo gods from another space’, appeared and killed this emperor of the dwarfs instantly. When the heart of this emperor was taken away, those 40 Godly Pillar Generals probably didn’t even have time to react.

In the end, all the dwarf masters in the last ancestral place battled until death, and none of them escaped from the tragic ending.

Afterward, those terrifying enemies left this place. They ignored the corpses of the dwarfs and their own peers and didn’t even take the combat weapons on the ground.

As he thought about what he read, Fei looked at the skeletons around him and tried to organize his thoughts.

He had a ton of questions on his mind. For example, who were those pseudo gods? How were they able to kill the gods and the demons who dominated the Azeroth Continent for ages? How could they wipe through the seven super empires created by the affiliated races of the two groups? How did they complete the bloody massacres so quick? And where did the locust-like devils go after this? Why weren’t they documented in the history books? Why were the ‘pseudo gods from another space’ not known to humans? Did they leave the Azeroth Continent after the killing and the conquer? Or, were they waiting for another opportunity while hiding on the continent?

Of course, although these questions were on Fei’s mind, there was one particular question that was bothering Fei.

“Why aren’t humans mentioned in this diary?”

According to the writings of Gerard Bill, the enemies were known as pseudo gods from another space, and there were numerous devils under their commands; they couldn’t be exterminated. They combed through the continent and made several races and species go extinct. These devils showed no mercy, but why weren’t humans mentioned?

From the look of things, only humans survived that massacre and became the ruler of the land!

Could it be that the humans didn’t exist back then?

Impossible! According to books that Fei read, humans existed in the Mythical Era. In addition, humans were ranked as one of the top ten species alongside the elves and the dwarfs.

Therefore, Fei couldn’t understand why humans weren’t mentioned in the diary and why this catastrophe that occurred in the Mythical Era wasn’t recorded in the history books.

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  1. Tom

    Obvious conclusion they joined the pseudo-gods.

  2. Dann

    Human were the pseudo gods!!! Dun dun dunnnnnnnn

  3. SaDDisT

    The pseudo gods were humans, after they conquer the continent they transfer humans to this world from theirs. The mythical era of the current humans are the era (dark age) of the transfered humans?

  4. Buhri

    Yeah… The humans could be the so called pseudo gods, this name could mean that they have the same form of the gods but aren’t gods…

    • Buhri

      Tho the pair of hoofs wouldn’t make sense… Well there are so many possibilities to what was the role of humans… Maybe even slaves of the pseudo gods…

  5. Daffa

    Maybe its from diablo world hell mode ???

  6. goldenxman

    They mutate to look more civilian but their true nature will wake a because slaves for greediness and lust .

  7. Nuex Mark

    who else has the urge and impulse to destroy another race its non other than hoooman!

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