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Hail the King Chapter 588.2

Chapter 588: Mystery of History (Part Two)

In the current history books, it was said that the gods and demons battled each other and ended up destroying everything, obliterating the Mythical Era; this was a fact that many historians reached consensus on. It was also said that the affiliated races and species of the gods and demons such as the elves, dwarfs, orcs, dragons, and sea tribes (similar to Slithereen in WoW) all participated in the battles and ended up destroying themselves. Only humans were able to survive that by using their strong learning and adaptation abilities as well as powerful reproduction capabilities.

It was clear that the history as the people on the Azeroth Continent knew it conflicted with what Gerard Bill wrote.

“Who is lying?”

As he looked around at the numerous skeletons as well as the corpses of the 40 Godly Pillar Generals and the emperor of the dwarfs, Fei leaned toward the records on the bloody book. No one would try to lie to the future generations when he didn’t even know if the continent was going to be around.

This diary that was stained by blood was more reliable than the vague and unproven legends.

Fei felt like he accidentally discovered a secret that was concealed for ages.

Who destroyed the Mythical Era? What roles did the humans play during that time?

Fei lightly exhaled and shook his head. He stopped thinking about those questions since it was not relevant to the current time. He placed the bloody book into his storage space and continued to observe the surroundings.

As he glanced at the corpse of Gerard Bill once more, he discovered that there were fine engravings on the stone monument behind this emperor; it looked like it recorded the locations of the stars in the sky since small silver dots that were the size of a fingertip were all over this statue. Also, there were thin silver lines that connected all these dots, combining them into something unbreakable.

“What are these?” Fei thought as he lightly rubbed the dots.

This was the dwarfs’ last ancestral place, and the 40 Godly Pillar Generals and the emperor of the dwarfs all died protecting it. If one told Fei that this stone monument was a simple statue, Fei wouldn’t believe it.

However, after a while of observations, Fei couldn’t detect any magic energy or warrior energy surges on it. It was very common and ordinary.

This irregular discovery made Fei even more curious.

“Looks like I need to give this to Cain and Akara to study!”

After Fei made up his mind, he didn’t spend more time on it. He made sure he didn’t overlook anything, and he walked forward to see if he could find anything else.

On the way, he picked up a few other combat weapons that weren’t corroded.

Unfortunately, they were of low levels; none of them was above level 5.

After two hours, Fei walked around this entire valley. Except for the interesting discoveries he made at the center of the valley, white skeletons and bones were everywhere else.

On the side of the walls, Fei saw some godly rune engravings that lost their energies.

Fei pictured the scene where the walls in this place were empowered by the godly runes. Even if regular walls were strengthened by godly runes, they would become indestructible! No Sun-Class Lord could leave a mark on these walls.

Except for that portal on the altar, no one was able to get in here theoretically.

However, this place was still conquered and destroyed.

Fei looked up at the opening of this valley and wondered where this place was. As he was about to fly out of the rough-circular opening above him that had a diameter of 500 meters and check out this area, he suddenly noticed something that he overlooked before, and his expression froze on his face!

“How is this…… possible?”

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