Chapter 589: Huge Handprint (Part One)

Fei rubbed his eyes and thought that he saw an illusion, but……


He fluttered the silver sword energy wings on his back, and he dashed out of this valley like a shooting arrow. As an ear-piercing noise sounded, he instantly appeared above this opening and got out of the valley.

As he put away his silver wings and hovered in mid-air, he looked down and got shocked!

He finally discovered that the so-called opening of this valley was a clear handprint! The five fingers and the knuckles on them were clearly imprinted into the ground, and it felt like a giant pressed down his hand!

A gigantic handprint!

Fei felt like the shock he was experiencing was suffocating him.

At this moment, he realized that this valley wasn’t a valley to begin with; it was initially an underground city just like the underground cave under the back mountain of Chambord. It was heard that the dwarfs like living underground, and they had incredible digging and forging abilities. Their last ancestral place shouldn’t be a valley but an underground city as well.

That was more reasonable.

Unfortunately, the ceiling of this underground city was somehow destroyed by a powerful entity from the sky, turning it into a valley.

Fei already confirmed that godly runes empowered the walls and the ceiling of the underground city, but this entity was able to easily destroy them all together and open the last ancestral place of the dwarfs.

Terrifying power!

As Fei thought back to the last few sentences recorded on the bloody diary, Fei could imagine what happened.

The emperor of the dwarfs, Gerard Bill, retreated to the last ancestral place with less than 3,000 dwarfs and wanted to use the godly runes on the walls and ceiling of this underground city to block the terrifying enemies. Suddenly, a powerful entity struck down at the last ancestral place from the sky, and it destroyed their last safe haven. Then, numerous devils rushed into the underground city through the opening on the ceiling and exterminated the last bit of the dwarfs.

That scene was dark and depressing.

How cruel and devastating!

Through this giant handprint, Fei felt the power of the ones who destroyed the Mythical Era once for all.

It was fortunate that these powerful entities weren’t around anymore. Otherwise, if they were on the Azeroth Continent now, even people like the Continental Martial Saint, Maradona, couldn’t deal with them. They could be able to sweep through the continent once more easily.

As a cold breeze blew by and gave Fei some chills, he finally slowly woke up from the huge shock that he was experiencing.

He slowly looked up from that huge handprint and observed the surroundings.

There were many mountains around him, and these mountains were connected and extended into the sky. On the hills, there were a ton of old trees that were more than 1,000 years old, and these trees created a huge forest. The spring was here, and all new buds and sprouts grew out of the branches, making the area bright green. The opening that led to the last ancestral place was in between five tall mountains, and there were a lot of tall trees and thick vines around it. Looking down from the sky, that place looked like a natural pit. If masters flew by on top of it, they wouldn’t be able to spot it and discovered the hidden mystery.

No wonder this place wasn’t discovered by anyone else even though it had been around for a long time.

“How far is this place to Chambord? From the look of it, this place looks similar to the mountains behind the back mountain of Chambord……” Fei thought as he looked around, confirmed the directions, and glanced behind him.

He was shocked once more.

Even though he was surprised many times today and got a little numb, he still couldn’t help but freeze after seeing what he saw.

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