Chapter 589: Huge Handprint (Part Two)

About ten kilometers way, he saw a mysterious yet silver ancient city in the sunset. Its three sides were surrounded by mountains, and streaks of cooking smoke were coming out of chimneys. In front of its defense wall was a wide river, and a large plain was on the other side of the river……

Chambord Castle!

Fei didn’t expect to see Chambord so close! That mysterious portal on the ancient altar under the mountain of white bones didn’t teleport him to a place ten of thousands of kilometers away. Instead, he was only moved about ten kilometers away. The last ancestral place of the dwarfs was really close to Chambord; they were like neighbors.

After the initial shock, Fei shook his head and tried to digest all of this.

There must be connections between all of these.

Ancient Chambord City, underground cave, endless underground corridor, mysterious space, [Demons’ Remains], [Black Stone Essences], mountain of white bones, mysterious altar, ancient portal, last ancestral place……

All of these seemed coincidental together, but they were truly connected.

Fei remembered Brook telling him that the city of Chambord was much older than the history of the royal family of Chambord. Before the Zenit Empire rose up and the royal family of Chambord got canonized, this city was already here. No one knew who created this ‘immortal’ city, but people knew that Emperor Yassin grew into power and established the Zenit Empire, and the people who were living in this city decided to surrender to this great emperor and be controlled by the empire.

Fei was now pretty sure that this city and the underground cave were all a part of the heritage left by the dwarfs.

Even though the dwarfs were wiped out, the structures they built on the land lived through the passage of time. Many years later, they were discovered by some homeless people who wandered here, and these people cleaned them up and started living in them.

After many generations passed by, the people living in this city forgot about the origin of the city. Later on, the royal family of Chambord discovered the underground cave and used it as a prison. After that, Fei came to this world, renovated the underground cave, and discovered more of the ruins and heritages of the dwarfs.

This explanation was more logical and more natural to follow.

Fei hovered in mid-air as he thought everything through. Then, he looked at the mountains around him and the peaceful Chambord City not too far away. Suddenly, a lightbulb lit up in his head, and he suddenly got a great idea regarding Chambord’s future development path.

After getting that idea, he went back into the valley.

After spending about five hours, he picked out all the combat weapons that were still functional, and there were about 60 of them. 90% of them were below level 5, but there was one level 8 combat weapon, two level 7 swords, one level 7 dagger, and one level 6 battle bow.

Even in the Zenit Empire’s eyes, this much combat weapons were a huge amount of treasures.

Fei felt like the imperial weaponry storage in St. Petersburg didn’t even have as much combat weapons as he had right now.

After Fei was done with everything, it was almost midnight. The moon was bright, and there weren’t many shiny stars. The mountains in the area looked like huge demon beasts that were crouching, but Chambord City that was about ten kilometers away was lit up by all the lights.

Fei stood in mid-air after traveling through that opening in the ceiling, and his expression suddenly turned serious. As he concentrated his spirit energy slowly but steadily, he tried his best to communicate with the Sky Castle that he hid into the void.

Fei emitted tiny streaks of spirit energy, and they quickly merged into this space like waterdrops into the ocean.

Fei even sensed that the mysterious stone pillar in his body started to vibrate rapidly. It buzzed and expressed a joyous emotion as if it was a kid who got a lollipop.

This went on for about six minutes.

As Fei was getting dizzy and his spirit energy was about to be depleted, a mysterious change took place in the sky.

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