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Hail the King Chapter 59.2

Chapter 59.2: Kneel Down and Kiss My Shoes! (2)

After seeing the king perform another miracle by saving the teenage boy’s life magically, the surrounding citizens of Chambord couldn’t help but cheer.

“Angela, tell me what happened.”

Fei handed the boy over to one of the soldiers to take care of. He looked at the imperial cavalry who were laughing out loud proudly with a provoking manner, then turned around and asked.

With an angry expression covering her innocent face, she tightly held onto Fei’s hand and then whispered into Fei’s ear. Fei became more enraged as he listened; an unstoppable fury burned in his heart and his expression was as cold as ice. A sharp murderous sensation unknowingly diffused from his body.

It turned out that these dirty cavalry pretended to be drunk and started touching the girls beside Angela and Emma. At first, these girls tolerated a little bit because the cavalry were from their parent Empire – Zenit. Who knew that the cavalry were insatiable; some daring cavalry even wanted to touch Angela and insisted her to accompany their Knight Captain Semak to drink and dance with him. Their reckless and rude behaviour angered the young citizens of Chambord. How could the energetic lads allow the Great King Alexander’s fiancée be insulted; they walked up and reprimanded the cavalry. Both parties started shoving each other, but one of the Zenit cavalry pulled out his sword and sliced the throat of the youth who was standing at the very front……

Fei listen patiently as Angela told him the whole story. He tapped on his fiancée’s shoulder gently to tell her to relax. He then walked up, separated “the human wall” that was formed by Emma and other young men and stood at the very front of the commotion.

“Oh? You’re that King Alexander, right?”

Knight Captain Semak was at the centre of all the cavalry. He was like a moon surrounded by a bunch of stars. He clenched his fists and crossed his arms and walked up a couple of steps. After he observed Fei with his haughty demeanor, he said lightly, “Your Majesty, I’m very dissatisfied with the way that Chambord treats its guests. See, my men only wanted to invite the queen to a dance, but some of your citizens were blocking and insulting us unreasonably……”

Honestly, Knight Captain Semak didn’t have any respect for this king named Alexander. Rather, he despised this little hillbilly kind of king. The Zenit Empire had many affiliated kingdoms. The powerless kings of little level 6 kingdoms held lower positions than even lowly navigators at St. Petersburg in Semak’s eyes. Therefore, he didn’t hide his scornful expression and said, “Although my mood has been disturbed and my fun was stopped, if the Queen can do a roundtable dance for us, I will treat this as if nothing happened……”

After he said that, the surrounding Chambord citizens started to yell and swear. On the Azeroth Continent, roundtable dancing was an unsightly dance that the vilest prostitutes used to please men. Asking a future queen to do the roundtable dance was the greatest insult of all time.

Knight Captain Semak didn’t acknowledge the swearing and anger from the crowd.

He smiled with a disdainful expression on his face, and ridicule filled his eyes like a high emperor that controlled everyone’s lives. Suddenly, he raised his hand and pointed at Emma who was standing behind Fei and continued, “Your Majesty, one more thing. Let your little blonde servant come to the legion’s residence and sleep with me tonight; she should be thankful that I granted her the honour, hahaha……Oh, right, I’m also interested in the magic potion that you used to heal that lowlife citizen, give them all to me. If you could do all these things, the Zenit Empire won’t punish Chambord for being discourteous.”

After he said that, Semak looked at Fei scornfully.

Before this, Semak had been to many affiliated kingdoms. The kings and ministers in those kingdoms were like poor beggars. To make sure that their kingdom could still be protected by Zenit Empire, they did everything they could to please Semak. A little king of a level 5 affiliated kingdom even forced his newly wedded beautiful queen to serve Semak, the Imperial Knight Captain at night. His request and behaviour today was like an extra reward in Semak’s own eyes; he went easy on the young and ignorant king in front of him.

Semak was a little messed in the head. He loved seeing the kings who had exclusive and supreme authority over their own territories kneel down with pleasing expressions on their faces. It gave him the thrill of conquest.

But today, Semak didn’t get the thrill he was waiting for; he surprisingly found out that the young king who was standing in front of him maintained a strange expression on his face. The king was calm and cold; he didn’t show any signs of pleasing or flattering Semak.

Suddenly, Semak’s smile disappeared.

“Young and ignorant king, my patience is limited. Please do want I have said immediately. Otherwise, hehehe, trust me, your little kingdom wouldn’t be able to handle the anger of a Knight Captain.”

In unison with Semak’s “ultimatum”, “Tink, tink, tink!” the red caped cavalry all drew out their sharp swords and started at Fei ferociously and threateningly. Nasty and cruel grins appeared on their faces as they knocked their armour with the hilt of their swords and made huge “tinking” noises.

Previously, this tactic had been very effective against other level 6 and level 5 affiliated kingdoms. Even if some kings were resistant, they would almost sh*t their pants and kneel down to beg for their lives. At that moment, the cavalry almost saw the fantastic scene where this young king would bite the bullet and let his glamorous fiancée do the roundtable dance……
However –

“Alright, how do you bastards want to die!?”

That was the response from the young king.

“What? What……What did he say?” The cavalry stared at each other in unison.

The egoistic cavalry couldn’t process the information fast enough in their minds, “What…… How dare a king of a little level 6 affiliated kingdom say such a thing to the noble Imperial Knight Captain? Does he want to give up his throne?”

“What did you say, punk? Do you even understand what you are saying?”

After seeing Semak’s face getting colder and colder, the cavalry who sliced open the teenage boy’s throat felt it was a great time to flatter the Knight Captain. He rushed to Fei arrogantly and pointed at Fei’s nose with his sword and swore, “You little reckless lowlife b-----d! Do you think you are really a high up and powerful king? Kneel down and kiss the Imperial Knight Captain’s boots and apologize, otherwise……”


A muffled noise interrupted his clamoring.

The cavalry hadn’t even finish speaking when he suddenly felt he that was hit by something. He was shocked and he looked down confusedly. The next second, an inconceivable expression suddenly appeared on his face. He wanted to scream from this unprecedented terror, but as soon as he opened his mouth, blood spurt out and he couldn’t make any sounds.

A fist dripping with blood came out of his back.

A series of gasping sounds could be heard.

Everyone saw that when the soldier was spouting nonsense, the silent Alexander suddenly punched out and hit the reckless cavalry right on the chest. It made a daunting, crisp crackling noise, and the monstrous strength of a level 12 Barbarian was fully applied without any kind of restraint. The fist directly penetrated the cavalry’s body and revealed itself on his back; all the internal organs and bones were shattered into pieces.

Everyone was shocked.

“What kind of strength is that? How could it create a huge hole on a human body with a bare fist?” What was even more shocking was that Alexander shook his arm the next second and shattered the entire corpse into minced meat; the pieces fell onto the ground and form piles.


Another round of gasping was heard.

The Knight Captain Semak was also shocked by the bloody scene and back off a couple steps. The other red caped cavalry were even more shocked; fear filled their eyes. After seeing the piles of steaming “minced meat”, their hands that were holding onto their swords started trembling.

The whole square was silent; if someone were to drop a pin, everyone would hear it.

“God! King Alexander killed a soldier from Zenit’s Royal Canonization Legion!” This shocking scene had blanked out many people’s minds……But at the same time, the citizens of Chambord felt very excited and thrilled.

“Say bastards, how do you want to die?”

After exploding a Zenit cavalry like killing an annoying fly, Fei’s expression still didn’t change. He shook his fist to get rid of the blood as he approached Semak and other cavalries slowly. His voice was freezing cold, his stares were as sharp as blades; with the murderous intent in his eyes, he looked at the opponents as if they were piles of rotten meat that even wild dogs wouldn’t eat.

“How dare you kill an imperial soldier?” After the initial shock, Knight Captain Semak became enraged. Like a mating dog that got its spouse snatched, he shivered in anger and pointed at Fei and shouted, “Done! Chambord is done! You are done!!! I declare that starting from this moment, Chambord kingdom is now the enemy of Zenit Empire. Start to tremble in fear! Your castle will be razed!”

“Oh really?” Fei said with a dismissive expression, “We’re enemies now, so what? Is Zenit Empire that great? It’s hard to say whether or not Chambord will be razed, but without a doubt, none of you guys will walk out of Chambord alive.”

After he said that, he shouted, “Where is Pierce and Brook?” Behind him, Pierce and Brook who finally squeezed through the crowd rushed over, half kneeled and responded after they heard the king’s call, “King Alexander, your command.”

“Evacuate the civilians, gather the King’s Guard, shut down the gate and lock down the traffic in the city. Then, surround the residence of the Canonization Legion and wait for my command. Anyone who dares to resist shall be executed instantly.”


After hearing such a command, Brook who was experienced and prudent was surprised, “Is Your Majesty planning to start a war with Zenit Empire?” Even Pierce who was wooden headed was having a hard time digesting the command that he heard.

On the opposite side.

The infuriated Knight Captain Semak was so angry that he started laughing after he heard that, “Hahaha, great! Great! Great! You ignorant and reckless punk, daring to surround the residence of the Legion and confront the Empire? This is ridiculous. The six hundred cavalry in the Legion cab easily wipe out the entire Chambord Castle. It looks like this evil kingdom doesn’t have to exist anymore……Hahaha, I will chop your head off first, then enslave all the women in the castle and kill all men and wash the castle with your own blood!”

As he was spoke, Semak drew out his sword. A yellow earth energy covered his body and two looming stars appeared on his forehead – it was the sign of a two star warrior.

“[Crack Rockburst]!”

Semak intended to kill, so he used his combat energy techniques right away. He moved first and shouted. His sword glowed as he stomped on the ground; he charged at Fei with his yellow earth energy and struck at Fei viciously with the pressure of a sliding mountain.

“Huh, only a two star warrior, how dare you be so rampant in front of me? You are seeking your own death!”

Fei ‘humphed’ coldly and stood still. A white light flashed and 【Storm Sabre】 appeared in his hand. He made a lash and the golden sword collided with the double handed knight sword. After the series of sparks and a crisp metal colliding sound, Semak’s yellow energy shield was shattered and his double handed knight sword was chipped mercilessly as well. He was blown back and blood leaked out of his mouth.

“You…..how could you have this kind of strength?”

Semak smashed into a huge stone statue further away. He couldn’t stop spurting blood out of his mouth. His face was filled with shock and disbelief. He held onto the statue as he struggled to stand up.

Fei ignored him. He stomped his feet and flashed forward. The golden sword turned into a series of golden lights. After making a sound similar to cutting tofu, out of the eight red caped cavalry, seven of them held onto their bleeding necks. They screamed as they shivered and fell to the ground. Just like the teenage boy before, they throats were sliced open and blood and foam clogged their lungs. They felt a huge amount of pain, but couldn’t die right away. They struggled crazily……

The only cavalry that was left alive was completely petrified; he lost all of his strength. “Tink!” The sword fell out of his hands and onto the ground; his legs trembled and a stinky and disgusting smell came from his crouch. He was scared to the point of peeing his pants.

“Come here and kneel down and kiss my boot!”

Fei stared at the cavalry coldly and ordered. This was what the cavalry had said when they were provoking, so now Fei returned it back to them.


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