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Hail the King Chapter 590.1

Chapter 590: Arrival! Sky Castle! (Part One)

A series of white ripples appeared in the night as if a drop of water fell into the ocean, and something huge was breaking through the space and dropped down from the sky; it was an awesome sight.

Through the white ripples, a gigantic city slowly appeared in this world.

The Sky Castle!!!

Fei was summoning the legendary ancient city, Sky Castle, that he discovered in the small world in the Mythical Palace.

The magnificent castle, the reversed cone-shaped mountain at the bottom of the city, and the tall silver walls……

This incredible floating city slowly appeared as if it gradually moved out of a waterfall, and the shock it brought to Fei was indescribable. It felt like a god was coming down from heaven.

Soon, the Sky Castle appeared in this world silently, and it blocked the bright moon. Its huge shadow enveloped a large land mass, giving people a suffocating sensation.

Even though Fei had seen the Sky Castle before, he was shocked when he saw it again.

Perhaps it was connected to the mysterious stone pillar in his body, or maybe it was because Fei’s blood soaked the Mythical Altar as well the mysterious stone pillar, Fei felt like he and the Sky Castle were connected by blood. In a sense, Fei was able to control this legendary city.

However, the Sky Castle was giant, and a ton of spirit energy was required to move this city around.

With Fei’s current spirit energy level, he was barely able to move it.

For the last while, he felt like the mysterious stone pillar in his body was expressing a simple yet mystic emotion, and he felt like this emotion was coming from the Sky Castle and got to him by traveling through the void. It was hinting at the king, telling him that he couldn’t just keep the city in the void; it was consuming too much energy, and the Sky Castle was going to get lost in the void and couldn’t be traced and located one day.

This mystic yet unexplainable emotion was bothering Fei for the last while, and he knew that he had to summon the Sky Castle back into the world soon.

Also, he was clear that if this legendary city appeared on this continent, a lot of people were going to be moved. By then, all kinds of powerful masters and mighty hermits would come and try to rob it from him. With his current strength, he wouldn’t be able to protect it.

He had been hesitating for the last few days, and he had an idea after observing the tall mountains around the last ancestral place of the dwarfs.

Therefore, Fei carefully summoned the huge Sky Castle without getting anyone’s attention, and he lightly dropped it down between the mountain; he was aiming the tip of the reversed cone-shaped mountain at the bottom of the city at the handprint opening on top of the last ancestral place of the dwarfs.


The mountains in the area shook, and the ground was cracked.

As the Sky Castle pressed down, the smaller mountains and hills in the area were crushed. The firmness of the silver reversed cone-shaped mountain at the bottom of the city was much stronger than regular rocks, and the Sky Castle slowly merged with the ground. Although the soil continued to sink around the Sky Castle and many trees were destroyed, the legendary city finally successfully landed.

The clouds of dust soon settled, and the situation was much better than Fei anticipated.

The Sky Castle perfectly sealed up the last ancestral place of the dwarfs. Although it crushed several mountains in the area, it allowed this legendary city to merge into the surroundings. It didn’t look abrupt, and it felt like this castle had been here forever.

“Although a lot of masters know about the Sky Castle from legends, almost none of them had seen it before. There aren’t many historical recordings on it, to begin with, and it has perfectly embedded itself into this terrain. Even if someone sees this castle, they wouldn’t be able to recognize it.  Eh, if I tell others that this is a place of the heritage of the dwarfs, they would believe it. This explanation could buy me some time. After a while, I will be able to complete the Hell Mode in Diablo World. Even if others end up recognizing it, I won’t be afraid!”

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