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Hail the King Chapter 591.1

Chapter 591: Twelve Golden Saint Mountains (Part One)

Fei was no longer in a hurry after discovering this.

He slowed down his flying speed and carefully observed the surroundings. He even landed on the 12 mountains and inspected them.

The more he looked around, the happier he was.

Fei felt like these 12 mountains were placed here by the gods specifically for his upcoming plans. Although these mountains were in a row, they weren’t in a straight line, and they weren’t blocking each other’s view of the area.

In addition, each of the mountains soared into the sky. Standing at their peaks, one would be able to see the Chambord City that wasn’t too far away. Especially for masters in the Moon-Class Realm, they would be able to see things happening tens of kilometers away, and they could for sure inspect the activities that were happening inside Chambord.

Out of all 12 mountains, even the one that was the furthest from Chambord was only less than ten kilometers away. This distance was nothing in the eyes of a Moon-Class Elite; he or she could instantly dash into the city in a few seconds.

“Hahahah! I will create the statues of the 12 Zodiac Constellations here! There will be 12 Guardian Palaces of the Golden Saints on these 12 Golden Saint Mountains, and they would be surrounding the Sky Castle and protecting Chambord! Hahaha, this is a perfect opportunity! I will build this place into a saint land on the continent! Hahaha!” Fei laughed proudly as he thought of that.

Right now, Fei already appointed saints for the following constellations: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, and Sagittarius. However, the others were still missing. Also, out of the gold saints, only Leo Saint Lampard reached the realm of Moon-Class; all others were around the Eight-Star level. According to Fei’s plan, all official golden saints had to be on the Moon-Class Realm before they were qualified to get on these 12 Golden Saint Mountains and become the real Guardian Saints.

However, this plan couldn’t be completed in a few days; it was a long-term project.

Fei fantasied about the day when Chambord had more than a dozen Moon-Class Elites as he fluttered his silver sword energy wings and disappeared into the darkness.


-The dining hall inside the King’s Palace-

“Hey! Alexander, you are going to become someone’s husband! How can you come home this late at night? Angela had been worrying about you for the entire night! This is too much!” Emma placed her hands around her waist as she pouted and questioned the king.

It was clear that this loli was very hungry. As she complained, she quickly took out the food that was placed in the magic boxes to keep them warm. Then, she put the utensils onto the table and called over the four maids, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, who were about to fall asleep.

Then, the seven people and Little Raccoon started to have dinner.

“Humph! If you aren’t going to be back tonight, we will all starve! You can’t do this anymore…… Angela is dropping the standards…… She treats you too well……”

As she placed a piece of golden crispy pork into her mouth, Emma wrinkled her nose, and the few freckles at the top of her nose looked extremely cute under the light from the magic chandelier in the dining hall.

This loli, who was vicious with her words but genuinely kind and nice on the inside, was now taken in by Fei as his little sister, and she was a little princess who was loved by the people around her. Although she seemed a little mean on the surface, she was a sensible and understanding girl. The fact that she didn’t leave Fei and Angela when they were in a bad situation won her the appreciation of other members of Chambord.

“Alright, aright. You forgot about our 12 rules for the dining table. We shouldn’t talk too much when we are eating……” Fei pretended to be annoyed as he said.

In the meantime, he grabbed onto the neck of Little Raccoon that jumped onto the dining table sneakily and tried to help its stomach on its own. The king placed it in front of its dining spot, stared at it despite it felt like it was mistreated, and turned to Emma, saying, “Emma, if you complain this much, I’m afraid that you will become too chubby, and no man would want you!”

“None of your business! The handsome young men of Chambord who want to marry me can line up from the entrance of the King’s Palace to the bank of the Zuli River!” Emma straightened her back and said proudly. After living with Fei for a while, she learned a thing or two from him, such as bluffing.

“Anyway, you breached the first rule of the 12 rules; you shouldn’t be late! Hehe, as a punishment, you need to tell us stories after dinner!”

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  1. Thousand Vangs

    it shouldn’t be possible to hide the earthquake and the rumbles caused by him putting the mountain big city in the ancient dwarf place. the city is only 10 kilometers away! at least not without some magic means.

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