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Hail the King Chapter 591.2

Chapter 591: Twelve Golden Saint Mountains (Part Two)

All the girls around the table laughed.

From the nervousness at the beginning to merging into the big family, the four maids were now not scared of the king anymore. Instead, they talked and joked with Fei regularly. As a result, chatter and laughter sounded in the palace all the time.

This was Fei’s favorite atmosphere.

If he had to behave like other kings where they sat in front of giant dining tables and eat more than 100 dishes with only two to three people, it would be torturous. If he had to keep that up for a long time, he might get esophageal cancer for not eating correctly.

After enjoying the time together for a little, Angela placed her knife and fork on the table and smiled at Fei. “Alexander, I need to talk to you about something. Thug, Chick, and Hooligan are growing larger and larger. The gardens in the King’s Palace couldn’t contain them anymore. In these few days, they had made a lot of trouble under the lead of Blacky. If they aren’t your pets, the soldiers who are mad at them might shoot them down with [Dragon Slayer] crossbows and eat them!”

Fei laughed after hearing that.

He had heard a lot of complaints from other people as well. Although they had only been at Chambord City for a few days, these four creatures were too playful and energetic. In addition, their sizes were huge, and they would create mini-earthquakes when they moved around.

A few days ago, Thug accidentally sat on a side building in the King’s Palace and destroyed it, and a few pathways and a small church in the city were obliterated by the four beasts unintentionally.

Also, one of the dragons pooped in the sky, and its feces fell and instantly enveloped a few pedestrians who weren’t fast enough to move out of the way. If it weren’t for people who covered their noses and dragged these people out, these people might be the first few who died inside dragon feces.

In the end, Chambord’s city management office had to send out a big team of bylaw enforcement officers to clean up the street.

However, the feces of a dragon had research and strategic value, and they were bought by the Civil and Military University and a few laboratories.

“Eh, we need to deal with that.” Fei rested his chin on a pair of chopsticks’ tip as he laughed, “Thug and the others are too big to be kept inside the city; it would be too much for the residents to deal with. Also, the King’s Palace in the city might be too small for them to live in. I discovered a perfect location in the mountains behind Chambord. Haha, in a few days, not only them, but we will also move over! The royal family will out of the Chambord City!”

What Fei said instantly surprised the girls.

“Move out of Chambord? Where are we going? Let me be clear, I don’t want to live in a straw house by the cliff like that person named Dugu Qiubai in your stories.” (Dugu Qiubai  is one of the greatest hermits in Jin Yong’s classic wuxia novels.)

At this moment, a loud voice sounded outside the door.

[Fallen Princess] Victoria cat-walked into the building in a tight-fit red cheongsam mini dress and high heels. As she threw a big pile of files onto the table in front of Fei, she sat down and stuffed a piece of meat into her mouth. In the meantime, she said unclearly, “I’m still young like a fresh rose. I have a bright future, and I don’t want to live like an ascetic monk!”

Suddenly, the dining hall got quiet.

Victoria looked up and said after she saw the strange expressions on people’s faces, “What? You guys are eating at midnight, and none of you told me. Alexander, in order to straighten out your account books for your treasury and the Revenue Department, I haven’t slept for two days! I now even have bags under my eyes! Why? Can’t I eat a piece of your meat?”

“You…… you……” Emma stuttered as she looked at Victoria.

“Ah? What about me?” Victoria finally felt like something was off.

Suddenly, she felt like someone was pulling on her sleeve. She turned around and saw the king’s new pet, Little Raccoon, pulling her sleeve with a sad expression.

“You ate the piece of meat that Little Raccoon was biting……” Emma said slowly as if she was trying to hold back something.

Victoria slowly looked at the people in the hall, and they all nodded. Then, she looked at the furry mouth of Little Raccoon and the clear small bite marks on another piece of meat in her hand.

“Puff!” She spat out.

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