Chapter 592: Spirit Energy Breakthrough (Part One)

“Ahhhhhh! Disgusting!”

After Victoria spat out, her pretty face paled. She kicked off her high heels and ran out barefooted. As she dashed out, she shouted, “Water! Give me some water! I need to rinse my mouth! Ahhhhh! Water……”

She turned around and looked back at Fei after taking two steps, saying, “Those documents are the account books that I reorganized. Your revenue and treasury recordings at Chambord were a mess. I created a new system. Take a look; if you are happy with it, then stamp it and pass it…… Yuck!”

After that, this [Fallen Princess], who was usually lazy and greedy, ran out with her bare white feet to find water to rinse her mouth.

“Hahahahaha!” Everyone in the dining hall laughed out loud, and Little Raccoon went to pick up the big piece of roasted meat Victoria dropped; it was feasting on it and having such a great time that its black and white striped tail even stood up.

It was late into the night after dinner.

Head Minister Bast already sent a carriage to the gate of the King’s Palace, and it was here to bring Angela back home. There was a ton of stuff for them to arrange before the wedding.

The king’s father-in-law lost his wife when he was mid-aged, and his daughter was his only family. After experiencing the toughest time, his life finally turned around. Therefore, he paid a lot of attention to his daughter’s wedding, and he was doing a lot of preparations according to noble traditions.

After Angela waited for Fei and had dinner, she went back to her father’s place with Emma and the four maids.

As common traditions on the continent, Angela could only come back and live with the king after the wedding was completed.

Soon after Angela and the girls were gone, Fei called in Torres and gave him some tasks. Then, he went back to his bedroom with Little Raccoon who had a full belly.

After eating, this little guy rolled up into a ball and fell asleep on a chair.

Fei, on the other hand, summoned [The Throne of Chaos]. As it hovered a meter above the air, he sat on it and started to practice the training techniques documented on the mysterious purple scroll. As his strength increased and his view broadened, Fei felt like the spirit energy was getting more and more important. Therefore, he had been trying to improve it daily.

A lot of people only saw the king’s rocket-like growth and his dominating presence, but only a few people knew that he only slept about one to two hours a night. During other times, he was cultivating and practicing. Even though he had the Diablo World, his work ethic still surpassed most of the geniuses in this world.

Practicing while sitting on [The Throne of Chaos] was one of the shortcuts Fei recently discovered.

This mysterious throne not only granted Fei the ability to travel through space; it could also help him concentrate and increase the efficiency when he trained his spirit energy.

Unfortunately, Fei couldn’t obtain warrior energy or magic energy, so he wasn’t sure if this throne could boost up the speed of all cultivation.

The night was quiet, and it was a bit chilly.

Fei slowly opened his eyes after three hours.

“Hm…… My spirit energy finally surpassed level 800. Now, I can stay in Diablo World for eight hours a day, and the NPCs from [Rogue Encampment] could also stay in the real world for eight hours. This way, the reconstruction and the renovation of Chambord could speed up even more!”

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