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Hail the King Chapter 592.2

Chapter 592: Spirit Energy Breakthrough (Part Two)

Fei spread out his spirit energy quietly. After reaching level 800, he could easily scan an area of two kilometers around him, almost half of Chambord. Like the most advanced radar, he could clearly sense the energy surges on all the people within his scan zone, and nothing could hide from him.

“One day, I will reach level 6000, and I would be able to come and go from Diablo World without having to worry about the time constraint. In the same time, people like Elena, Cain, and Akara would be able to stay in the real world as long as they want as well!”

After pulling back his spirit energy, Fei was delighted with his progress.


A sky-blue portal appeared in front of him, and he walked in after putting [The Throne of Chaos] back into his body.


-Diablo World, Durance of Hate-

“Hahaha! Stupid humans! Are you here to sacrifice your delicious blood and flesh? Haha, I couldn’t wait! Go! Kill them!”

[Lord of Hatred] Mephisto’s roar resonated in the area, shaking the walls and the ground of this space.

Under its command, numerous powerful monsters with weapons and armors rushed toward Fei and Elena fearlessly.

In the last few days, Fei sped up his quest-completing speed. After completing all quests in the second map, [Lut Gholein], he came to the third map, [Kurast Docks] and finished quests such as [The Golden Bird], [Blade of the Old Religion], [Khalim’s Will], [Lam Esen’s Tome], and [The Blackened Temple]. He earned rewards such as a bottle of potion that could permanently increase his HP by 40 and a book called Lam Essen’s Tome that recorded all the weaknesses of the monsters from hell.

Now, Fei was a Nightmare Mode level 70 Barbarian, and Elena a level 60 Magic Archer. However, Elena’s real offensive ability was about 20 levels lower since she shared a lot of the skill points and attribute points with her second Paladin Bloodline. The Valkyrie was a lot more well-rounded since her defensive ability increased by a lot.

Fei and Elena were facing the [Lord of Hatred], Mephisto, who was the boss on this map.

As long as they killed it, the third map would be completed.

Fei wasn’t holding back anything. With [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] in his hands and [Immortal King’s Soul Cage] on his body, he unleashed all his strength and attacked forward. Every time he struck out, there seemed to be fire elements around his hammer.

Now with two items in the [Immortal King] set with him, the additional fire damage that came with his hammer took away the lives of the demons, and their corrosive blood stained the land.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

With the [Grand Matron Bow] in her hand, Elena was enveloped by a silver energy flame. As the bowstring vibrated, arrows dashed toward the demons as if they were invitations from the Grim Reaper.

This pair of couples who weren’t married yet coordinate smoothly, and it felt like they were the messengers of death.

However, there were way too many monsters charging at them; it felt like these monsters were waves in an ocean.

Among these monsters, there were mage-types where they stood far away and threw high-damaging spells such Ice Arrows, Poisonous Smoke, and Burning Fire. All these various spells enveloped Fei and Elena.

Soon, the two of them were in a tough situation.

This was the Nightmare Mode after all, and it was challenging.

Also, the [Lord of Pain], Mephisto, was observing from the sideline and frequently threw in range-attacks; it was very sly.

From the battles with the monsters in the Nightmare Mode after some time, Fei slowly discovered one thing: the monsters all had their own minds and the intelligence of kids. Especially the bosses at the end of each map; they had basic battle awareness and didn’t attack based on scripts anymore. Compared with bosses in the Normal Mode, they were much harder to deal with.

This battle took Fei and Elena more than three hours.

As he saw Mephisto crying and dying in a pool of its own blood, Fei let go of the breath that he was holding in. His hand that was holding [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] felt a little sour, and he felt a little tired. There were more than a dozen deep wounds on his body, and both him and Elena were covered in blood; they weren’t sure if most of the blood was from them or the monsters.

At the same time, bright lights flashed on the magic items on the ground.

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    is it just me or is the author forgetting some important stuff like runewords that can be many times more powerull then set items, or where runes not in the diablo in china? i know making a strong runeword takes ages, and another fun thing is how slow the MC is to do stuff, i mean come on if we go after the game as it was released then getting to mefisto on nightmare should have been done in the first week for all the classes i mean its not hard to get that far, the most anoing part would be farming levels or gear for durle on nightmare or hell and given his use of barbarian the sanctum in act for caster mobs would be worse then a nightmare with their ironmaiden

    • I’m not sure about Diablo 2 releases in China, but I feel like the Author is loosely going off D2 for reference.

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