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Hail the King Chapter 593.1

Chapter 593: Lampard’s Shock (Part One)

Fei looked around at the items that Mephisto dropped, and he was slightly disappointed.

[Lord of Pain], Mephisto, was one of the most powerful demons in hell, but it didn’t give Fei any good items after it was killed. Almost all of them were orange level 6 items, and the green level 7 set items that Fei was hoping for didn’t appear.

“Could it be that all my luck was depleted from getting [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] last time?” the king thought.

Since none of the items interested Fei, he didn’t even use [Identify Scrolls] on them. He threw them into his storage space causally and planned to sell them to the NPCs for gold coins.

At this moment, a golden light beam shot down from the sky.

The golden liquid in Fei’s body reached a limit, and the barbarian character leveled up again. After reaching level 71, the golden energy cleansed Fei’s body and made him feel very comfortable. All the injuries that he got from battling with the monsters recovered, and all the blood stains on his clothes were removed as well.

Fei was back to his prime.

After distributing the attribute points and the skill points according to his plan, Fei and Elena left this place quickly.

Then, they found a pond outside the [Durance of Hate]. With Fei guarding her, Elena took off her armors boldly in front of her lover and washed the blood off her body.

Fei had more than a dozen injures on his body from that battle, but those were all because he tried to protect Elena. Since the Valkyrie specialized in long-range attacks and weren’t experienced in close-range combat, she could be in great danger if monsters got near her. Therefore, Fei gave it all and made sure no monsters got close. In the end, Elena wasn’t injured at all, and blood on her body were all from the demons.

Fei tightly guarded the pond. As he listened to the splashing water noises and looked at the Valkyrie’s white smooth body, he felt intrigued. Although he had done it once before with Elena, it was for saving her life, and Fei fell unconscious as well. Therefore, Elena’s perfect body was still extremely luring in Fei’s eyes.

In order to distract himself, Fei glanced around.

Suddenly, his eyes locked onto something that wasn’t far away.

[Stamina Shrine]!

These so-called shrines were the ancient ruins on the continent. They were in shapes such as stone statues, pillars, and wooden statues, and they contained great power due to the runes and magic arrays engraved on them. When standing near them, one was able to be empowered by the unique energy inside them.

For example, the shrine in front of Fei was a cylinder-shaped stone pillar that was about five meters tall.

A few mystic magic runes that were drawn onto the body of the pillar with red, god-blood-like paint, and they emitted a faint indescribable power. Didn’t matter how tired a person was, as long as they stood within ten meters of this pillar, he or she would feel energetic in an instant. Their fatigue would be gone, and their stamina would be restored.

Before Fei got through the third map, even though he tried to study those magic runes, he couldn’t understand them.

But now, for some reason, Fei suddenly felt like those magic runes that were difficult and complicated seemed extremely simple and clear in his eyes. It made Fei feel like a girl who ignored him for a long time despite his pursue suddenly jumped into his bed when he least expected it.

The stone pillar completely attracted Fei’s attention.

Even though the Valkyrie washed up, dressed up, and stood behind him, the king didn’t even notice it.


The morning sun slowly rose into the sky, and the silver Chambord City looked like a layer of gold covered it under the sunshine.

Suddenly, a blue portal appeared in the bedroom inside the King’s Palace, and Fei walked out of it.

The portal instantly disappeared behind him once he was out.

“Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!” Little Raccoon instantly dashed over from the window and jumped onto Fei’s shoulder. As it licked Fei’s cheek with its pink, soft tongue, it blinked its eyes. This little guy liked sticking with Fei, and the king felt like it was blaming him for leaving it out here all by itself.

Fei laughed and rubbed Little Raccoon’s head to comfort it.

“Your Majesty! Everything is planned just as you ordered!” Torres’ voice came from outside the room.

“Eh, great. Time for us to go.” Fei nodded.

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