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Hail the King Chapter 594.1

Chapter 594: Natural Phenomenon – All Kinds of Shock (Part One)

This giant black sword was one of the best weapons that Fei got from the last ancestral place. It was the highest-leveled combat weapon, and Fei felt like it was probably a level 9 semi-god-tier combat weapon or even a level 10 god-tier combat weapon when that devastating war took place, and it fell in level after it wasn’t properly cared for.

Perhaps if Blacksmith Charsi could get better with her forging skills, she could come up with ways to restore this black sword’s former glory.

“Hahaha! Great! Thank you for the precious gift, Your Majesty!” When Lampard gripped the hilt of this giant black sword, streaks of lightning cracked and danced on the surface of the blade. Soon, the black sword was enveloped by a faint silver energy, and the force hidden in there even shocked Fei a little.

“Great sword!” Lampard lightly knocked the body of the sword with his finger, and a crisp metal-ringing noise resonated in the area.

“From now on, your name is [Black Lightning]!” Lampard said.

Then, he stabbed this giant black sword into the ground and took off the black sword that he always carried on his back. With a solemn expression, he lightly caressed this sword as if he was saying goodbye to someone, to something.

“Old friend, you have accompanied me for so long. You can get a good rest now,” after a moment of silence, he murmured and put this sword into his storage space.

“Let’s go.”

Fei summoned [The Throne of Chaos] and floated to the side of the plaza.

At this moment, all kinds of natural elements flowed toward this plaza as if there was a powerful tornado here. Thick clouds instantly covered the sky that was bright and cloudless a few moments ago, and it felt like a pair of invisible hands were stirring the weather and trying to break this space.

Lampard stopped suppressing his power.

The natural elements sensed the aura of a new Moon-Class Elite, and nature’s challenge began, trying to see if this master was worthy enough.

At this moment, all the officials, saint seiyas, bylaw enforcement officers, and university students stared at Lampard with admiration. As their eyes locked onto him, they felt an indescribable sense of proudness and achievement.

This man was the most trusted friend of the old king, and he was the protector of the new king and the guardian of Chambord. Now, he was finally becoming a Moon-Class Elite after the great King Alexander; it made all the Chambordians proud. From now on, Chambord finally had a Moon-Class Elite under the king’s command.

“Which other affiliated kingdoms could be compared to us? This level of strength and power…… Even our parent empire, Zenit, probably doesn’t even have that many Moon-Class Elites,” the citizens thought.

Dashes of lighting were flashing in the thick clouds.

It felt like a god was looking down from heaven and judging all the creatures on this land.

The pressure in this area was getting more and more intense, and the natural elements accumulated to a breaking point. The people around the plaza felt like they were on a mini-boat in a tsunami; they felt tiny compared to the energy in the sky.


White dashes of lightning were also crackling around Lampard. Soon, his entire body was enveloped by a sea of lightning, making him look like a god himself.

The intense lightning energy around him wasn’t inferior to the masses of lightning flashing in the clouds!


A lightning bolt that was thicker than a tree suddenly crashed down from the clouds and struck at Lampard as if a god was angry, and it was so fast that human eyes had a hard time capturing it.

This scene was so shocking that the people in the area all gasped in unison.

“Hahaha! Great! Come again!!!” Lampard’s loud and thrilling laughter sounded within that immense mass of lighting.

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