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Hail the King Chapter 594.2

Chapter 594: Natural Phenomenon – All Kinds of Shock (Part Two)

Such a heroic and boss-like presence!

It made many soldiers and warriors of Chambord’s blood boil.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The first lightning bolt was the prologue of this nature’s challenge. After it struck down, many lightning bolts fell from the sky like the raindrops in a massive storm, and it felt like nature wanted to destroy the Chambord Castle.

Since Lampard practiced lightning-elemental warrior energy, nature’s challenge to him was primarily lightning strikes.

Fei sat on [The Throne of Chaos] and watched this entire process closely.

Gradually, a strange expression appeared on his face.

“Huh?….. Uncle Lampard is…… eh, it doesn’t seem like this is his first time experiencing nature’s challenge. He is really calm and collected. These lightning bolts are visually shocking and are also more intense than our anticipation. However, they didn’t harm his body. Instead, Uncle Lampard is directing them into his body and transforming his physique rapidly and smoothly……”

There was always a layer of mystery around Lampard, and Fei couldn’t see through it.

Lampard initially practiced water-elemental warrior energy, and he was only a Three-Star Warrior. After he switched to lightning-elemental warrior energy, his progress increased rapidly, far beyond Fei’s expectations. Compared to him, other warriors of Chambord such as Torres and Pierce were way behind him.

For the last while, Lampard’s strength had been increasing without any barriers, and he reached Moon-Class smoothly.

Today, the excellent techniques Lampard demonstrated in this nature’s challenge somehow reminded Fei of when Hazel Bank was advancing back into Sun-Class. He felt like Lampard had experienced all of this before, and he was going back to his former realm after dropping in strength for some reason.

The clouds in the sky were getting thicker and thicker, and more lightning bolts were being brewed.


“What is going on?”

The special envoy from the Imperial Military Headquarters of Zenit, Barkov, walked out of the palace of the most luxurious hotel in Chambord City.

As he looked up at the sky and saw the phenomenon, he sensed an indescribable pressure. His long black hair stuck to his cheeks, and his chubby body light shivered. He rarely showed his emotion on his face, but he was now shocked.

“This…… how is this possible?” A muscular warrior suddenly gasped beside Barkov. He was wearing a set armor of Arshavin’s [Iron Blood Legion], and he looked like he was of high-status.

As his face turned pale, he said in a shaky voice, “This phenomenon…… Could it be that a master is elevating to the realm of Moon-Class? This looks like nature’s challenge……”

“Moon-Class?” Barkov was stunned; he felt like he couldn’t process this information.

Although he was more like an advisor and didn’t know much about cultivation, he knew what Moon-Class meant. In the Zenit Empire, Moon-Class Elites were strategic-level weapons. There were only a few of them, and their statuses were prestige.

“How could a person be advancing into the Moon-Class Realm in this little affiliated kingdom?” Barkov was shocked. “Could it be the King of Chambord? Yeah, it must be him! It is heard that he broke through Seven-Star half a year ago. With his insane talent, he must be a peak Nine-Star Warrior already. Hmmm…… now from the look of it, Crown Prince His Highness…… If the King of Chambord is now a Moon-Class Elite, he won’t be that easy to deal with.”

“Even though Arshavin His Majesty is the head military commander and the person who is going to inherit the throne, he will have a hard time dealing with the King of Chambord if the latter is now a Moon-Class Elite……” he thought.

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