Chapter 595: Danger (Part One)

“Send someone to go and investigate this. We need to figure out all the facts as soon as possible! We need to know who exactly is advancing into Moon-Class, and I need to report this back to Crown Prince His Highness immediately!”

“As you wish, Sir!” a soldier quickly left the palace.

As Barkov stood still in front of the palace and stared at the dense lightning bolts and thick clouds, he sighed with a concerned expression on his face.

Barkov was a little noble whose family went broke in St. Petersburg, and even the people in the ghettos in the Capital once looked down at him. Later, he met Arshavin, and the Crown Prince instantly liked him. A lot of outsiders contributed it to his flattering skills, and they thought that he was like a lap dog to the Crown Prince. He was vicious and was able to destroy anyone with his schemes, and people thought he was going to be taken out by the Crown Prince once he was no longer useful.

However, these ordinary folks would never know that the real reason why Arshavin liked him was that of his strong natural senses to danger and his talent in finding the best solution in a messy and noisy situation.

Without great abilities, a flatterer would never be in the attention of the influential people; that was a principle that holds true in any situation.

For the last couple of days, Barkov sensed great danger from Chambord. In his eyes, this King of Chambord was an unparalleled genius.

For the last while, he had been studying the Law of the Twelve Tables that was created by the King of Chambord and got him the nickname, [Saint King].

In the beginning, Barkov treated it like a joke, nothing serious at all. However, the more he studied it, the more stunned he was. In the end, he really felt like it was a set of laws that could be named as saint laws.

Also, the magic traffic lights, strange traffic laws, magic central water system and sewer system, magic teleportation system, Reverse Whale Battleship, the organization of the six departments, and a thriving university…… All of these were completely different compared to the Zenit Empire, giving Barkov a chill to his bones.

He felt like this Chambord was an empire that was within the Zenit Empire, and it was trying to recreate the ancient magic civilization from the Mythical Era.

To be honest, after seeing and hearing everything that was going on at Chambord, Barkov even started to admire the King of Chambord subconsciously.

Compared with the arrogant warriors from the [Iron Blood Legion], Barkov had been worrying about the future. He couldn’t figure out why the Crown Prince, who was intelligent and rational, would want to be hostile toward the King of Chambord.

“Why can’t I figure out the grudge between them? If the Crown Prince is friendly toward Chambord and used Elder Princess’ relationship, he could pull Chambord to his side. By then, he would become the next emperor without a doubt. Why can’t he see this? What is going on?” Barkov fell into a state of deep thoughts.


At the same time, many different people in various locations in the Chambord City were shocked.

Fei’s rise attracted a lot of people’s attention. Therefore, even the forces in the nearby empires sent people into the Chambord City to monitor what was going on in this remote small city that was insignificant less than a year ago.

Of course, on top of monitoring the situation, they all had different goals and objectives.

The breathtaking phenomenon that was taking place instantly pulled their attention.

“Someone is advancing into the realm of Moon-Class?”

“Who is it?”

“The King of Chambord sure is a genius! In less than a year, he went from a weak, useless king to a Moon-Class Elite?!”

“Quick! Investigate! Who is going through this nature’s challenge?”

“Hehe, other idiots might not know, but we already got the information. The King of Chambord already advanced into Moon-Class and is now at an unimaginable level. When this king was breakthrough the threshold at Dual-Flags City, the phenomenon was huge! However, these idiots don’t believe that it was the King of Chambord who caused that. God! In such a short time, another Moon-Class Elite is appearing in Chambord. Who is it?”

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