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Hail the King Chapter 595.2

Chapter 595: Danger (Part Two)

“This aura…… he isn’t the King of Chambord. Lightning-elemental warrior energy…… Could it be that former No.1 Warrior of Chambord, Lampard?…… This can’t be right…… he was only a low-tier Nine-Star Warrior half a month ago. How can he obtain several breakthroughs in such a short time? Someone go and investigate!”

Many people had the same reaction in different places.

The wind and clouds were transforming, and the lightning bolts were flashing.

As the dark clouds covered the sky above this ancient city, the sea of lightning landed within the castle.

At the same time, the citizens of Chambord who received the news ahead of time and were waiting in their homes got nervous as they stared at the dancing lightning bolts in the sky. They all knew that Mr. Lampard was advancing toward a higher realm, and they all placed their hands together and prayed for this most loyal guardian of the kingdom.

Tens of thousands of people were praying for Lampard at the same time.


-On the plaza-

Lampard going through nature’s challenge and becoming a Moon-Class Elite was a part of Fei’s plan.

There was one objective that the king wanted to achieve with this: he wanted to lightly reveal some of Chambord’s strength to shock the people who were plotting against the kingdom. This would save him a lot of headache in the future.

This was a show meant for the people who were spying on Chambord in the dark; he wanted them to know that they were no match for Chambord!

The flashy lightning bolts blurred the viewers’ vision, and these lightning bolts fell from the sky like water droplets in a heavy storm; it felt endless.

Fortunately, protective array formations were placed around the plaza, and most of the powers of the lightning bolts were blocked off when they dispersed into the area. Otherwise, the buildings in the city would be severely damaged.

At the moment, all the thousands of elites of Chambord were holding onto their breaths as they watched nervously.

According to the passage of time, a regular nature’s challenge should be ending by now. However, Lampard’s nature’s challenge was different. The lightning bolts were dropping down non-stop, and they were getting thicker and more powerful. It felt like the most crucial moment of this process wasn’t even here yet.

Lion-like roars sounded from the sea of lightning on the plaza, and Lampard’s aura was growing stronger and stronger.

Fei stood on [The Throne of Chaos] and observed. His sharp vision passed through the layers of lightning and saw Lampard standing in the center.

This former No.1 Warrior of Chambord was standing straight like an unyielding spear, and he was calmly directing the lightning energy into his body. As his body was being tempered, his aura and power were slowly transforming.

“The most crucial moment is here! I didn’t expect Uncle Lampard to have so much accumulation. His nature’s challenge is far more intense compared to others!” Fei gradually calmed down.

However, sudden changes occurred at this moment.


A dash of silver sword energy flew toward Lampard while it hid among the flashy lightning bolts that were striking toward him.

“Hehehehe…… A little affiliated kingdom like Chambord doesn’t need another Moon-Class Elite. You better die!” A hoarse yet high-pitched laughter sounded, and a sharp murderous spirit also appeared.

While a master was going through nature’s challenge, his or her strength and mind would be 100% focused on fighting against the natural elements; they couldn’t spare any energy to other matters. If they were disturbed, the huge amount of natural elements would lash out on them and instantly kill them.

The fact that someone chose to sneak-attack at this moment spoke to their viciousness.

The most powerful saint seiyas in the area got anxious, and they instantly screamed out.

Fei’s expression also changed.

As his mind changed, he and [The Throne of Chaos] both disappeared. In the next split second, he appeared in front of that silver sword energy and grasped it, instantly obliterating the sword energy that could kill a New Moon Elite as if it was a dash of smoke.

“Huh?” a surprised gasp sounded. It seemed like this person was shocked that the King of Chambord could easily break his strike.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Almost at the same time, three silver sword energies that were more powerful appeared in three different locations and shot toward Lampard at three different angles.

The mysterious enemy was mighty, and this person was determined to kill Lampard.

The danger was here!

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  2. I’m disappointed. what the hell is Fie doing? he is strong enough to not care about retaliation and can sense anyone within 2Km+ so why is he letting trash get close enough to sneak attack without killing them first? honestly, at this point, anyone over moon rank in his town that does not bow to his will should be killed and their heads used as decoration atop the entry. he needs to stop playing nice before someone gets hurt!

    • OG

      Hahaha. He needs to hurt someone before someone gets hurt.

      Maybe it too much chineese logic, while reading this, made me laugh.

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