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Hail the King Chapter 596.1

Chapter 596: Intelligence Reports that Fell onto the Ground (Part One)

The situation was very dangerous.

However, as if he already predicted this, Fei’s expression didn’t even change.

[The Throne of Chaos] flashed continuously, and all kinds of afterimages appeared. As if three Fei appeared at the same time, three figures moved and easily obliterated the three sword energies that were at three different locations.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect to see such as a master in a little level 1 affiliated kingdom. Hahaha…” The voice that sounded a moment ago suddenly appeared at a different place.

“Since this is the case, I will go easy on you…… Hehe, you won’t be so lucky next time!” The voice moved around, and its pitch changed several times.

Soon, that voice died down; the sneak-attacker was going away.

At this moment, Fei raised his brows and sneered, “I have to give you a big gift in return to be polite! Otherwise, people will say that I’m not hospitable!”

Before he finished, he lightly clenched his hand into a fist.

A holy, silver hand that was about half a meter in each dimension appeared a meter away from Fei. This hand made from pure energy looked very detailed; the small wrinkles and blood vessels could even be seen. As Fei clenched his hand, this hand made of energy also tightened. The five fingers slowly curled and formed a fist, and the five fingers also left a series of afterimages in the air, making the energy fist look like a blossoming holy lotus.

All of this only took a split second.

Then, lights dashed out of Fei’s eyes as he stared at one location in front of him and punched out.

The lotus-like fist mark lightly shivered before disappearing from where it was.


It dashed toward the place that Fei was staring at, and it was so fast that human eyes couldn’t capture it.

“AH!…… Eh…… Puff!”

A muffled groan sounded, and a few drops of blood dripped down from the sky mysteriously. Then, like a mirror that was shattered and then fixed, the space that got struck by Fei’s fist mark cracked open before restoring itself in the next moment. In that process, a black figure dropped out of that crack. This person looked at Fei with a resentful and shocked expression before disappearing again.

Fei looked at the sky and didn’t chase.

“This person is able to handle my [Invincible Emperor Fist]…… He must be at level 1 or level 2 of low-tier Full Moon Realm. Which force does this person belong to? Damn, we really got a big fish!”

As Fei thought about that, he glanced around with his sharp eyes.

The various powerful auras that only Moon-Class Elites could sense all backed off at this instant. After seeing how mighty Fei was, the masters hiding in the surroundings all left; they didn’t want to cause a misunderstanding.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Now, the final strike in nature’s challenge was about to arrive.

The many silver lightning bolts in the sky suddenly merged into one as if something pulled them together, and all of them turned into a vague human-shaped lightning energy. With a devastating pressure, it paused in the sky for a second before striking down toward Lampard who was in the center of the plaza. This strike looked like the God of Lightning, and it was the last test that nature had for this former No.1 Warrior of Chambord.

All the Chambordians held their breaths at this moment; they felt like their hearts were in their throats.

“Hahahaha! Final strike? Great! [Black Lightning], fangs of the lion! Lightning Speed Strike!!!!!”

As his long red hair fluttered in the crazy wind, Lampard laughed bravely like a deity. He pulled out the level 8 combat weapon [Black Lightning] that was stabbed in the ground, and his aura started to grow and increase in power again rapidly! Gradually, a huge lion totem with burning golden flames around it could be seen behind him.

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  1. rekt.

    everyone and their mother seems to have red hair in this novel… ive truly forgotten what everyone looks like now that i pick up this novel after months… is there a glossary or something?

    • noodletowntranslated

      sorry… we don’t really have one

    • zurric

      I just picture him as Dreyfus from seven deadly sins with red hair lol

  2. Marian Morosanu

    What the f…in god is happening, why the mother f””’in god all chinese authors wants to kill everyone next to mc, from their novels i wonder how they live as family like seriosly. One day you are powerfull next day some mother father ,grandfather, god know what relative comes and they kill you and their family? I mean wtf, people aren’t that retarded to kill entire family’s.

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