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Hail the King Chapter 597.1

Chapter 597: Becoming a Hermit (Part One)

While Barkov was in fear, many people were also reacting to this news as well.

“What? The person who advanced isn’t the King of Chambord?”

“Hahaha! Like I thought! It is Frank Lampard! Damn! Now, Chambord has two Moon-Class Elites when including the king himself. With this power, Chambord could break away from Zenit and establish its own empire! Who could stop Chambord from doing whatever it wants now in Zenit?”

“Quickly pass this information back to our family leader! We Beag Family need to forget about our resent toward Chambord and give up on seeking revenge. We shouldn’t try to battle with the King of Chambord!”

“Two moons in one kingdom; Chambord is on the rise!”

“We heard that the King of Chambord is getting married in 13 days! Pass this information to our lord! We can prepare gifts ahead of time. If we want to get on the good side of Chambord, we need to give up on something. In this case, we need to show our stance before everyone else! If we do it late, it would be meaningless!”

“Hahaha! Great! The powerful Chambord is like an awkward, poisonous thorn to the Zenit Empire! Hehe, how could the royal family of Zenit let someone else take over a big region of their territory? A civil war is about to break out in Zenit! If we just help the King of Chambord develop his ambition, the Zenit Empire will fall into chaos! Then, our Spartax Empire could be revived!”

“Send someone back to Eindhoven immediately! Report to the general; tell her that a Moon-Class Elite is born in Chambord. Tell her every single detail and ask her to give us further instructions!”

The spies and agents of various forces quickly made their calculations and decided on what to do after experiencing the shock.


-A well-hidden secret room in a basement at the Chambord City-

“Why didn’t you guys move with me? Ah! Why didn’t you! Humph! You are all selfish and want me to make a fool out of myself! Don’t you know the consequences of your actions? How could you let Chambord get a new Moon-Class Elite? If Master knows about this, how could we withstand his anger?”

There was a deep fist mark on this man’s right shoulder, and it looked terrifying. His entire right shoulder almost got destroyed, and that silver energy was still dancing on that wound, stopping it from healing.

This was the mysterious person who tried to kill Lampard and got injured by Fei instead.

“Humph! Disov! You ignored Master’s order and tried to sneak-attack alone to get the credit! You already made the King of Chambord aware, and it would be harder to execute our plan now! How do you still have the face to blame us? On top of that, you already experienced the King of Chambord’s strength first-hand. Even if we all attack him together, we couldn’t do anything to him. Instead, we would alert him more, get injured, and ruin Master’s plan!”

“You…… Excuses! All excuses! Rakanic, doesn’t matter what you say, it couldn’t deny the fact that you are a coward who doesn’t dare to face the King of Chambord!”

“Humph! That is better than being a dumb, reckless fool like you!”


“Alright, stop arguing, you two!” Another deep and stern voice sounded, “Rakanic is right. This King of Chambord is too terrifying. Even if we team up as four, we can’t defeat him. The increase in his strength is monstrous…… We should move in secret and do what the Master planned. When Master comes here, everything will be taken care of!”

“However, Disov, what you did today isn’t useless. At least we now know how powerful the King of Chambord really is, as well as the relative strengths of the other masters in Chambord. Hehehe, except for the King of Chambord and that person who just advanced today, no one else could pose a threat to us!”

“Remember, we have to be careful in the next few days. If there are no urgent matters, don’t go out! The people below us could execute the rest of the plans. Remember! We couldn’t attract the King of Chambord’s attention!”

Silver magic runes were engraved onto the walls, and this secret room concealed their auras and sensations.

These four mysterious masters continued their discussion and talked about their schemes, and their voices slowly quieted down.


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  1. Draghnof

    Except Fei and Lampard there is Jessie who could help since Fei is a Bishop now (an unofficial one but still one) and there are the undead dragon and it’s really powerful master who can help (even if they need to restrain their power if they don’t want to leak their undead energy)

    These guys are screw ahah

    • SaDDisT

      Too bad guys, Jessie, Elena, Drunkard Dragon, and Hazel Bank is still in dark. Im not sure about this but if he called the army leader (NPC) in Diablo thats another master, and lastly summon a boss monster. Thats a total of another 5 master and 1 master class monster.

  2. Neto

    Obrigado pela tradução

  3. Leon

    Wait .. Why fei left this assassin alone and let him escape…

    • shadowtrap2010

      because if he chase after that assassin who know if another take a pot shot while he away!!!

  4. Buhri

    Fei has a really powerful spiritual energy, shouldn’t he be able to leave a mark in that guy?

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