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Hail the King Chapter 598.1

Chapter 598: The Voice of God (Part One)

Although all the citizens of Chambord knew the logic behind it, a lot of them felt like they would miss King Alexander dearly.

Among them, high-level officials such as Pierce, Drogba, Oleg, Bast, Brook, and Old Aryang, as well as students in the Civil and Military Academy were all shocked, and their expressions changed. They didn’t expect the king to make such a decision right here and right now.

Behind them, the other citizens also chattered and murmured amongst themselves.

However, since the king had an absolute prestige and was well respected, no one objected his decision even though it was abrupt.

After the initial surprise, people started to feel like Fei’s decision was both logical and reasonable in the current situation.

After a year of planning and pivoting, Fei had turned Chambord, a remote little level 6 kingdom that was weak and poor, into a level 1 affiliated kingdom that was prosperous, organized, and powerful. Without exaggeration, Chambord was comparable to level 1 empires on the continent in terms of combat abilities. If the size of its territories and population increased, Chambord could easily break away from Zenit and become its own empire.

In Fei’s eyes, the Chambord Kingdom was like a child who learned how to walk on its own under his supervision. Although it was staggering and might fall sometimes, it no longer required him to support it along the way.

Therefore, he felt like this was the perfect opportunity for him to let go and become a completely hands-off ruler.

Living in seclusion and becoming a hermit didn’t mean that he was cutting off all connection with Chambord. On the contrary, Fei was still the king of the kingdom, and his words would be taken as commands. However, since Fei was not crazy over control and didn’t like complicated administrative and military tasks, he wanted to use this opportunity to free himself from all the small matters so that he could focus on cultivating and increasing his strength.

Living on the Five Sword Sky Mountains, monitoring the Chambord City, observing the Zenit Empire, and dominating over a region on the Azeroth Continent! It was the life that Fei wanted to live!

He could watch the clouds around the mountains in the morning, sleep on the thighs of beauties when he was drunk, and control the region when he was awake…… That was his ultimate dream!

Fei glanced around and saw the expressions of the people in the area; he was quite reassured.

He then shifted the divy crystal in his hand, and the image in the sky turned from the Five Sword Sky Mountains to 12 mountains that were situated neatly between Five Sword Sky Mountains and Chambord City. They were a bit shorter compared to the Five Sword Sky Mountains, but they still pierced into the clouds.

Although these 12 mountains weren’t as majestic as the Five Sword Sky Mountains, they were impressive none the less. It looked like they were connected to the sky, and they were mystic and luring.

“These 12 sword mountains will be the residences of the most powerful 12 gold saints. I will place 12 Gold Saint Palaces on them, and they will be protecting the Five Sword Sky Mountains as well as the Chambord City! The 12 gold saints will live and train on these 12 sword mountains, and they will help me monitor the kingdom, guard the citizens, and enjoy supreme honor.”

As soon as Fei finished speaking, a phenomenon occurred.

The blue sky was clear, and all the lights of the stars were covered by the bright sun; it was impossible to see them. However, at this moment when Fei stopped speaking, the stars shone brightly in the sky, and their mystic power suppressed the sunshine.

The stars shone one after another, and they formed the 12 zodiac constellations: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. It felt like a god was drawing in the sky.

“Ah? This……”

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