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Hail the King Chapter 599.1

Chapter 599: Relocation (Part One)

After Fei walked to every single corner in the King’s Palace, he thought about it and placed all the decors and small items that Angela liked into his storage ring.

When all that was done, Fei didn’t hurry up and leave. He went to the side palace and started to design the wedding dresses that both Angela and Elena were going to wear according to his memory.

Perhaps it was because Fei was a spatial traveler, he felt like modern wedding dresses and diamond rings were essential parts of a perfect wedding.

Fei had been thinking about this for a while now, and he already got some ideas. For Angela who was sweet and gentle, a long trailing white princess wedding dress would fit her perfectly. For Elena who was valiant and cold, Fei wanted to design her a rose tight-fit cheongsam-style wedding dress.

For Fei who was good at sketching in his previous life, it wasn’t too hard to complete the designs and create the blueprints.

After three hours, Fei finally finished everything and was happy with the outcomes.

Then, Torres brought the two stacks of design blueprints to the best tailor in the city, Auntie Mary.

This Auntie Mary had a unique backstory of her own. She was only an ordinary tailor who lived in a poor neighborhood. Even though she was talented in this field, she wasn’t able to do anything with it. After Fei came to this world, he came up with unique and strange designs that this world had never seen before, and Angela somehow got to know this tailor and asked her to handle and make the clothes that Fei came up with.

This little opportunity sparked Auntie Mary’s talent.

When the king tried to get everyone in Chambord City to dress properly, Auntie Mary who was the first tailor that created these clothes earned a lot of money. Then, she started to get apprentices and opened her own big shop. Now, she was recognized as one of the best tailors at Chambord City, and a lot of people were proud that they were able to wear clothes that were made by Auntie Mary.

Since the king was about to get married, Auntie Mary’s shop naturally became the producer of the uniquely designed wedding outfits.

After designing the wedding dresses, Fei spent another three hours on drawing up three rings that resembled traditional Chinese Dragon and Phoenix and had perfect magic gems inlaid in them. Although it might seem like a waste of time to other people, it was significant to Fei.

Then, Fei went to the [City of Heroes] and used the portal on the 66th floor to get to that mysterious space. He gave the blueprints to Blacksmith Charsi and asked her to create them.

When Fei arrived at that mysterious space, the crazy rain storm and the earthly flames already disappeared, and everything went back to normal.

The blacksmiths reconstructed the temporary tents and furnaces, and they went back to forging the required items for the renovation project.

Although they had been working here for about a year now, the [Demons’ Remains] that made up the mountain of white bones didn’t decrease in numbers by that much. On the other hand, more than half of the stone pillars that contained [Black Stone Essences] were used. The blacksmiths were already trying to find another substitute material.

Since Fei already completed the quest that asked him to find the magical hammer in the Nightmare Mode, Chambord now had two hammers that could forge the [Demons’ Remains]. The hammer that Fei retrieved from the Nightmare Mode was much more powerful, and Charsi was proficient enough to handle the second hammer. Therefore, the first hammer was now in the hands of the best blacksmith in Chambord, Samuel.

“Wow! So pretty! What animals are these? They look so cool!” Fei’s design of the rings instantly attracted Charsi.

After he talked with Charsi a little and made sure that she knew what he wanted, Fei left this place.

Before he left, he turned to look at the mountain of white bones once again. He thought about the altar and portal that led to the last ancestral place of the dwarfs, and he wondered if he should find an opportunity to close that portal. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if someone found that portal and got teleported to the secret place of the dwarfs. However, on the second thought, the [Demons’ Remains] were very tough, and ordinary people wouldn’t be able to break them and create a path to the altar and the portal. He was in no hurry to close that portal right now, so he decided to do it another time.

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