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Hail the King Chapter 599.2

Chapter 599: Relocation (Part Two)

When he got back to the King’s Palace, Torres already returned from his small mission.

According to Fei’s request, people such as the 12 maids, the few chiefs, the cleaning crew, Pierce, Drogba, Robbin, Cech, Inzagi, other four orphans Fei saved, and a few other masters of Chambord had been summoned to the King’s Palace.

Fei didn’t offer much explanation. As his pair of silver sword energy wings appeared on his back, a vast amount of energy dispersed into the area and formed a gigantic silver energy sphere. It enveloped everyone and dashed into the sky.

The three little dragons, Thug, Chick, and Hooligan, followed Fei in the sky tightly.

Blacky, which was on the ground, howled and turned into a dash of black lightning, rushing toward the back of Chambord City. The steep hills and the wide rivers couldn’t block this giant mutated black beast, and it was able to catch up with Fei and the group.

The distance about ten kilometers was instantly traveled.

When the group passed through the invisible energy sphere and appeared right above the Sky Castle, everyone except Fei was stunned.

“This…… Am I dreaming? Am I hallucinating? When did such a giant city appear in the back mountains? This must be an illusion array! A magic array is at work! Pierce, pinch me……” Drogba’s mouth opened wide, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Pierce was shocked, so he instantly pinched Drogba’s thigh forcefully.

“Ouch!…… Oh my god, it hurts! I shouldn’t be dreaming. Hey bro, why are you so vicious with your pinch?” Drogba inhaled as he stared at Pierce.

Pierce shrugged and replied, “You asked me to.”

“Natural elements; there are abundant natural elements. There are at least ten times the elements, and cultivating either warrior energy or magic energy in here will be more efficient. I’m confident that I will break the threshold of peak Nine-Star and become a Moon-Class Elite in less than one year!” Torres looked down at the legendary city and instantly thought about improving his strength.

After hearing the king announce the 12 Gold Saint Palaces at the plaza, this blond young man’s ambition was ignited.

After the initial shock, people like Robbin and Inzagi all realized the benefit of training in this place.

Although the maids and the chiefs didn’t have any warrior energy or magic energy, they were still surprised by what they saw. They felt like they were no longer in the mortal world; they felt like they were in heaven and were about to live beside gods.

“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!” The three young dragons that followed Fei to this place let out a series of cheerful cries. They flew around the Sky Castle quickly, expressing their excitement. It was clear that they were delighted with their new home.

“I accidentally discovered these ancient structures a few days ago. There is a layer of mystic energy sphere protecting this place, and it is hard to locate. This castle is well-protected, well-kept, and has abundant natural elements. It is a perfect city, and it will be the home of the royal family of Chambord from now on. You guys could cultivate in this place and try to reach Moon-Class. Once you do, you will get one of the 12 Gold Saint Palaces on the sword mountains!”

Fei introduced everyone to the Sky Castle briefly as they stood in the air.

Although it was a little forced and a little unreasonable, no one would question and doubt the king’s words.

After thinking about the fact that they could cultivate in this magical city, all the masters were excited. Since they saw the hope of getting to Moon-Class in a short time, they all wanted to find a place of their own and start training.

“Bark! Bark!!”

At this moment, the loud howls of Blacky sounded from afar, and even the clouds in the sky were shattered. From the noise, it seemed like this beast was approaching the Sky Castle rapidly.

“Oh, I forgot that Blacky couldn’t fly and couldn’t get up these mountains……” As Fei was about to land and let the people in the energy sphere get to the ground before getting Blacky from the bottom of the mountains, a mystic aura appeared at the foot of the mountains.

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  1. IsoyPowerRanger

    May I ask what happened to those four beast/animals that Angela adopted in the beginning chapters?

  2. Gibz

    Is Nesta one of the people going to train in Alexander new castle?
    Nesta was by the way the strongest disciple of Krasic. Remember them? 40 warriors who sweared lotalty to Alexander?
    Where are they? Still in martial saint mountain?

    • Rafid

      The author seems to forget about side characters sometimes xD

    • IsoyPowerRanger

      I agree. I think he even forgot the 4 beasts Angela adopted in the earlier chapters.

      • Lil1pork

        Nobody cares about the 4 random animals they bought in the market. They all can’t be legendary

  3. OG

    Excellent chapter.

    Barky stuck on a CLIFF lol.

    This would be a great movie!

  4. Reyes and Cindy possibly they will also become Gold Saint.
    Thanks for the chapter ^^

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