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Hail the King Chapter 600.1

Chapter 600: The Effort of a Dog (Part One)

“Huh? What is going on? This aura…… It is not Blacky…… Could it……” Fei’s face changed color.

It was heard that all types of mysterious demon beasts resided in the back mountains of Chambord, including high-level and even supreme king-level demon beasts. Those creatures had a strong sense of territories, and they would attack anything that entered their zones mercilessly……

“Could it be that Blacky got attacked by a powerful demon beast on its way here?”

As Fei was about to make a move, the special aura at the foot of the mountains changed again.

The strength of the aura increased rapidly and continuously.

The speed of the elevation was similar to cultivators’ after they broke through a threshold; it was fast like a rocket.

To Fei, this aura was getting more and more familiar. Gradually, a surprised and a confused expression appeared on the king’s face.

“Huh? Blacky? It achieved a breakthrough and underwent another mutation?”


There was an unlimited number of mountains behind Chambord, and they were of various sizes and steepness.

Like a dash of black lightning, Blacky was dashing between them.

Its four strong legs were as tough as iron. As it exerted forces through them, the hard rocks under its paws were crushed, and its body was jetted into the air as if the gravity was canceled.

Every time it jumped into the air, it would move over more than 100 meters, and most of the steep hills, deep valleys, giant rocks, and ancient trees were dodged by it.

Blacky hadn’t enjoyed running around this freely in a long time; it felt like it was a gust of strong wind, blowing through the woods and the mountains.

The beginning of Blacky’s vague memory started in these deserted mountains. It lost its parents right after it was born, and it had no abilities to survive on its own. It was cold and hungry all the time.

Just as it was about to die, Angela, the future queen of Chambord, came up the mountains and tried to find herbs for King Alexander, and they encountered each other.

It was this beautiful and kind girl who saved Blacky. Even though Blacky wasn’t cute and wasn’t a rare breed, this pure girl still saved it and brought it back to the King’s Palace of Chambord. From that moment on, it no longer needed to worry about getting fed.

During that period of time, Blacky was no different to other ordinary dogs; it lived a simple, dumb, yet happy life.

Until one day, its male master, Alexander, suddenly became another person. He fed it a mysterious green potion, and it fell unconscious. After a while of terrifying pain and half a month of sleep, it was reborn.

From that moment on, Blacky started to have intelligence, a level of intelligence that wasn’t inferior to humans.

Although it wasn’t capable of speaking, it was getting smarter and smarter by the day. It began able to understand the human language, and it comprehended a lot of things that it wasn’t capable of before.

As time passed by, its strength got stronger and stronger due to the mutation, and it started to like its male master just as much as it liked its female master. It carried its male master to battle and charged through tens of thousands of enemies. After getting affected by its male master’s domineering aura, it started to enjoy its life where it was potentially able to shatter mountains and scare gods with its roars alone.

Then, after it took in three dragons as its henchmen, Blacky’s biggest wish was to obtain a pair of wings that would allow it to fly freely in the sky, just like the dragons!

The dog wanted a pair of wings? It was beyond impossible!

However, Blacky didn’t give up; it felt like it could do it!

Under the nurturing of its somewhat-creative male master, even Blacky itself didn’t know how it was going to evolve. The bulges on its back were getting hotter every day, and it felt like a pair of bones was growing out of its spine. It was able to sense what was going on inside its body clearly.

At this moment, Blacky looked up at the sky.

It saw Thug, Chick, Hooligan, and its male master, who was like a god in its mind, flying freely in the sky

Blacky exerted force through its four legs and created huge cracks on the ground, and it started to leap forward crazily.

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    Until one day, its male master, Alexander, suddenly became another person. He fed it a mysterious green potion .
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