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Hail the King Chapter 600.2

Chapter 600: The Effort of a Dog (Part Two)

The surroundings passed by him rapidly like phantoms, and every time it leaped into the air and extended its legs, it would experience a brief moment of excitement as it felt like it was flying.

Streaks of hot energy dashed around its body unstoppably.

As it stared at the figures in the sky, Blacky had never wanted to fly this bad.

Finally, a huge valley that was more than 400 meters wide appeared before it; it was a distance that Blacky couldn’t jump over.

Even though that was the case, Blacky didn’t hesitate for one bit.

Instead of slowing down, it sped up even more. As it roared, exerted force through its legs, and shattered the rocks under its paws, its body shot into the sky like an eagle.

The wind blew by its body.

Its upward momentum and the gravity were two forces in different directions, and they battled with each other. In the end, gravity took the upper hand, and Blacky started to fall into the valley. If its body smashed into the deep valley, its bones would be cracked into bits, and it would die instantly.

At this moment, it wasn’t anxious at all for some reason.

Instead, it felt a wave of anger that was hard to suppress.

It opened its mouth and howled with all it got.

“Bark… Bark…… Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!!!”

The barking of a dog turned into the roaring of an unknown beast. It was the first time that Blacky let out this type of sound that contained a ton of pressure, and a thick smell of sulfur appeared around it. When it opened its mouth again, orange flames were spat out!

At that moment, the streaks of hot energy shot through its body like electricity and swept through all the bones in its body. Like a volcano that finally erupted after many years of accumulation, the energy rushed toward the two bulges on its back that had been there for about half a year now.

Blacky sensed an intense pain as if its heart was pierced through, and it felt like something finally broke through the ‘cocoon’.

Then, Blacky completely broke free from the gravity that had been pulling it down for all its life, and it flew upward into the sky!

A huge pair of wings extended out of the bulges on its back.

This pair of wings was black, shiny, and full of scales. The wing bones were distinct, and their tips were sharp like black swords that had been forged for hundreds of times. The wingspan was longer than 30 meters.

In addition, the wings had a metal glare to them; they looked like rows and layers of black swords stacked together. There were streaks of innate magic pathings on them; when Blacky fluttered its wings, cyan wind-elemental energy blades would appear under the wings, creating an enormous amount of thrust force and lifting its mountain-like body into the air.

As Blacky turned its head and spat out a dash of orange flame at a huge piece of rock, that rock turned into lava and flowed into the river in the valley.


Then, it fluttered its wings, and its body dashed into the sky.

Freedom! Flight!


As soon as Fei landed with everyone, he looked up and saw a huge black mystic beast flying toward him.

“It is Blacky! It looks like it finally broke through the limitation of its genetics! It has a pair of wings and could spit fire; it looks like a dragon! Haha, it went from an ordinary dog to this. This could be counted as ‘a carp jumping over the dragon gate!’ After taking this step, its future is now truly limitless!”

Fei could clearly tell that Blacky’s strength was now equivalent to a peak Nine-Star Warrior. He was confident that this beast would break through again and march into Moon-Class very soon; it would become a supreme king-level demon beast in no time!

“Hehe, my dog looks like a dragon, but my three little dragons stick out their tongues and wriggle their tails like dogs. Damn, I must be a failure of a master!” Fei thought to himself joyously as he heard the howls of the three dragons as well as Blacky as they flew freely in the sky.

Once these four beasts matured, the amount of shock they could bring to the enemies would be more than tens of thousands of elite soldiers.

They would become the godly guardian beasts of the kingdom, and all the enemies of Chambord would get a taste of their fangs.

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