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Hail the King Chapter 601.1

Chapter 601: Mystery (Part One)

After Fei gave them a tour of the Sky Castle, people like Cech and Drogba finally familiarized themselves with this city and slowly woke up from the huge shock. Then, they each took a side palace that was around the Supreme King’s Palace in the summit of the mysterious silver mountain in the center of the city. As they guarded and protected the Supreme King’s Palace, they started their new cultivation journey.

The Supreme King’s Palace was Fei’s residence.

At the moment, the 12 maids, as well as more than ten servants, started their work. Fei took out all the items from his storage space, and he asked them to place everything in accordance to how the old King’s Palace was decorated. Especially for the items that Angela liked, they were hung up at critical locations in the new palace, almost recreating the same atmosphere and surroundings.

The Sky Castle had been around for numerous years.

There were all kinds of facilities and structures in the city, and there were various pieces of furniture in the palace.

Stone chairs, stone tables, beds, lights, kitchen, wine cellar, storage rooms, bread rooms…… Everything and everywhere was spotless and looked brand-new. Since no one had lived in this place for thousands of years, it felt a little chilly and lifeless when Fei first came. Now, after the maids and servants busied themselves and decorated all the rooms, the atmosphere was a lot more friendly and welcoming.

All these maids and servants were loyal citizens of Chambord whom Brook personally selected, and they admire Fei to a degree where they were almost worshipping the king. Therefore, Fei didn’t need to worry about the secret around the Sky Castle getting out.

After drawing out an area in the city that they were free to wander around, Fei let them do whatever they wished with their free time.

Then, he returned to the Supreme King’s Palace and prepared to start training his spirit energy.

[The Throne of Chaos] was now placed back at its original location in the main palace, [Godly King Palace].

Water was flowing inside the square-shaped pond in front of the throne, and this pond was constructed using that mysterious silver stone-like material. The white lotus-like plant looked livelier than half a month ago, and there were now six blossoming seven-colored exotic flowers on it. As the petals lightly shivered, they released a faint fragrance. When Fei took a deep breath, he felt so good that he thought he was in heaven.

The king took a closer look at this mystic lotus in front of him, and he felt like it was somehow deeply connected to the Sky Castle. As it went from a little green bud to having six blossoming flowers, the Sky Castle also gradually woke up with it.

However, Fei wasn’t able to figure out the deeper and more profound mysteries in the city yet.

As the flowers blossomed, the entire [Godly King Palace] was filled with its fragrance. However, not a single trace of fragrance leaked outside the palace.

Fei couldn’t figure out why, so he decided not to think about it anymore. Since he had a unique connection to the Sky Castle, he was sure that there was no danger in this city. Therefore, he returned to [The Throne of Chaos] and started to train his spirit energy.

Like a playful child, Little Racoon was sucking in the fragrance greedily. Then, it rolled its eyes around as if it discovered something interesting, and it jumped into the pond to play. It rolled around in the water and bathed, having a ton of fun on its own.

In the sky above the [Godly King Palace], the three little dragons were flying around under Blacky’s lead. They were having fun as well, and it felt like they were in their natural habitat.

The night soon arrived.

Fei opened his eyes after four hours and pondered, “The speed of increase in my spirit energy doubled when I’m in this [Godly King Palace]? Could it be contributed to this fragrance? I can concentrate a lot better…”

Fei nodded his head happily.

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