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Hail the King Chapter 602.1

Chapter 602: Not Worry About Trouble When Trying to Make a Friend (Part One)

“It is King Alexander! Why is he here?” Out of the four people who were quietly cultivating in the secret room in the basement, the person who detected Fei first and opened his eyes said frantically, “Did he discover us? Impossible! The walls of this room contain a stealth magic array that our master put up. How could he sense us?”

At the same time, the other three people also discovered that powerful and abrupt aura.

“What should we do?” Disov was the first person who lost his composure. The terrifying injury on his shoulder finally healed, and there was now only a light red fist mark under his skin. With a scared yet crazy light in his eyes, he said, “Let’s charge out and attack him by surprise! The worst comes to worst, we can just retreat! Humph! We can at least destroy Chambord and crush his foundation!”

“No, we can’t!” Rakanic who had a headful of short white hair quickly stopped his reckless peer by saying, “First of all, we are no match for him. If we charge out like that, we will ruin our master’s plan. Even if we are successful in escaping, we couldn’t avoid the punishment, and it will be worse than death!”

“Then, what should we do? We can’t fight him, and we shouldn’t escape? What should we do? Just wait here and die?” Disov was anxious and angry.

The people in this secret room were powerful masters, and they had their own high-statuses and egos.

However, it seemed like the name ‘King Alexander’ was magical. It was able to make these powerful masters feel scared and shiver.

Even though the King of Chambord was mighty, what made them scared was his ruthlessness and the cold-bloodiness. If they were facing ordinary enemies, they didn’t need to worry. They were confident that their enemies would back off once they showed their identity. However, in the case of the King of Chambord…… Their peers who died in this young king’s hands couldn’t be counted with two hands.

At this moment, the person who discovered Fei’s aura first suddenly noticed something and relaxed. “Wait, he isn’t coming this way…… It feels like he is trying to find someone else……”

“Yeah, he isn’t coming this way anymore……”

“He is looking for someone or something……”

The four of them looked at each other and exhaled, and they all saw the cold sweat on each other’s forehead.


Fei went to the back garden of the church.

Since it was spring, greenness already appeared on the ground. New grasses grew out of the fertilized soil, and they were looking at this strange new world like curious babies. New green vines already climbed onto the walls of the stone house in the garden, and butterflies were flying around and dancing in the air freely.

Fei frowned; he sensed a dense cluster of wood elements that was several times more potent compared with the area outside the garden, and a liveliness filled this entire place. The air was warm and moist, great for all plants’ growth. It seemed like the spring arrived earlier in this garden compared with the other places in the world.

At this moment, a thin figure slowly walked out of the stone house with two maids helping him.

He was a handsome blond young man, and all his facial features looked like the gods carefully sculpted them. When people looked into his big and bright eyes, they would all feel intimate toward him. His face was quite pale, and he looked tired and ill. However, when these components were put together, they made him exceptionally beautiful.

This blond young man was the most handsome man Fei had ever met. Even though Crown Prince Girano of St. Germain who was very handsome, as well as Second Prince Dominguez of Zenit who was known as the No.1 Handsome Man in the empire, were exceptionally good looking, they were no match for this young man.

The two girls who were helping him to get around were all about 15 to 16 years of age, and they were gorgeous-looking and energetic. Their skins were smooth and white, looking like youth flowers.

They were both wearing tight-fit green outfits, and each had a huge battle bow on their waists. In their quivers, there were several long arrows that had white feather fletching. These weapons were in green as well, and it felt like they couldn’t live without this color.

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