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Hail the King Chapter 602.2

Chapter 602: Not Worry About Trouble When Trying to Make a Friend (Part Two)

“You are here.” This blond young man greeted with a smile on his face; it felt like he was welcoming an old friend that he hadn’t met in a long time.

“You know that I’m coming?” Fei flashed forward and instantly appeared in front of the stone house.

His swift movement instantly alarmed the two beautiful maids of this blond young man, and they quickly grasped onto their bows.

In just one second, the bows were fully pulled, and the arrows were loaded. Also, green lights were reflected off the feather fletching, and they shone around the three of them like fireflies.

Fei instantly sensed the sharp energy that was coming toward him.

“These two weak-looking girls are so powerful! Their archery skills are probably not inferior to the two archery masters of Chambord, Elena and Torres!” Fei estimated.

Even though Fei was a little surprised, he only lightly smiled.

This ill-looking blond young man whispered to these two girls using a beautiful, wind-like, and ear-pleasing language that Fei had never heard of before, and the two of them put down their weapons reluctantly. After they glanced at Fei, they turned around and went back into the stone house. However, Fei was able to sense that two pairs of beautiful yet cold eyes were still locked onto him, monitoring him nervously.

“You should have come earlier, no? I have been living here for a year. You discovered me a year ago, but you only came now. Now speaking of it, I should thank you for allowing me to stay here,” this blond young man said.

He looked so weak that it felt like he would be pushed onto the ground by a gust of wind, but he was calm and collected. Just by standing there quietly, he gave off a noble and natural upper-class sensation. Even though it didn’t look like he was in a good condition, he still looked majestic.

Fei’s eyes landed on this young man’s ears, and he was deeply shocked. However, he showed nothing on the surface, and he only lightly asked, “It was you who sneaked into the back mountain of Chambord at night and fought with me?”

“Yeah, it was me.”

“Eleven months ago, when the Imperial Knight Palace sent a troop of masters here, it was you who suddenly appeared and killed a Three-Star Warrior, saving the situation for Chambord?”

“Yeah, it was also me.”

“Therefore, it seems like we are friends, right?” Fei asked with a smile.

For some reason, Fei already categorized this blond young man who looked ill as a friend. His barbarian instinct was very sensitive, and he didn’t detect any hostility from this young man. Instead, he sensed a little intimacy from him.

“It would be great if I can become friends with the Chambord Kingdom.” The blond young man smiled and nodded. His voice sounded like the flowing of a clear river, crisp and casual.

“Since we are already friends, why don’t you introduce yourself?” Fei asked with a light and playful tone.

After the initial surprise, a bitter smile appeared on this blond young man’s face as he replied, “I didn’t expect the King of Chambord who is like a god in the minds of his people to be this cunning. Since you already saw through my identity, why do you want to hear me say it?”

Fei replied earnestly, “Even enough I’m 99% sure of it, I still want to hear it from a friend whom I trust rather than trusting my guesses.”

The blond young man was stunned, and a mystic light appeared in his eyes. He looked at Fei’s earnest expression seriously, and he nodded firmly after a while; it looked like he made a tough decision.

He smiled and said, “The King of Chambord is a great ruler after all. Although it is our first-time meeting, my instinct tells me that you are a trustworthy friend. Before I tell you my identity, I need to inform you that my background might bring your trouble. Are you sure you still want to know?”

“I’m not worried about trouble when trying to make a friend.”

“Hahaha! Great! Your Majesty, you are right. I’m……”

Just as this blond young man was about to reveal his identity, a female voice suddenly sounded from the stone house behind him. It was still in that mysterious, crisp, and chirping-like language, and it seemed like one of the maids was trying to stop this young man from continuing.

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