Chapter 603: Royal Bloodline of the Elves (Part One)

After hearing what one of the maids said, the blond young man’s smile didn’t die down.

He turned around and said something with that mysterious and ear-pleasing language in a gentle tone, and the two maids in the stone house got quiet; it seemed like they weren’t going to continue dissuading.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, five sharp, ear-piercing noises sounded.

Five green arrows flew out of the stone house and turned into five phantoms.

Tud! Tud! Tud! Tud! Tud!!!!!!

The five arrows stabbed into the ground and formed a perfect pentagram; the distances between the arrows were exact, and it felt like someone measured the locations ahead of time. Soon, streaks of bright green energies floated out of the arrows quietly and sunk into the ground like rainwater.

Fei clearly sensed that a mystic wood-elemental magic energy connected the air in the surroundings with the ground, and it continued to spiral and gradually isolated all auras and senses in the area.

It was a magical wood-elemental magic array.

It was formed by using magic arrows, and it was unique and eye-opening for Fei.

Clearly, the two maids in the stone house were still worried and used this rare arrow array formation to block off the surroundings, preventing anyone else from hearing the conversation between Fei and this blond young man.

“Ok, we can begin now. My name is Akinfeev, Sid Akinfeev. I’m the descendant of a long-lost race, the elves,” this blond young man said casually as he looked at the magic array that enveloped him as well as the sun that was about to rise from the eastern sky.

This blond young man was very upfront, and he told Fei, who was pretty much a stranger to him, the biggest secret without hesitation.

It showed 100% trust and faith!

Akinfeev didn’t know why he felt so safe around Fei, but the unique and special bond between people was magical.

“Elves!” Fei nodded; his estimation wasn’t wrong.

In the legends on the Azeroth Continent, both elves and dwarfs were races that lived in the Mythical Era, and they were already extinct nowadays. It was quite surprising that the mysterious bloodline of elves got extended to the current day.

In fact, Fei discovered hints and clues as soon as he stepped into this small garden.

The wood elements were a lot more abundant in this place compared to anywhere else, and the plants such as flowers, grasses, and vines were all livelier. In addition, there were green light dots that were condensed life energies, and the ears of this blond young man and his maids were a lot pointier.

Also, Fei witnessed the awesome archery skills that the two maids showcased when they created an array with arrows……

All of those led Fei to believe that the blond young man in front of him was connected to the elves in the legends.

However, this guess was way too bizarre. After all, everyone on the continent agreed that the elves all died in the Mythical Era and were now extinct. Also, Fei read from the bloody diary of the emperor of the dwarfs, Gerard Bill, that Sid Empire of the elves got conquered by the Pseudo Gods, so he wasn’t too confident in his own judgment.

However, when Akinfeev told Fei this, the king instantly believed him.

It was an instinct, a trust between friends.

Suddenly, Fei recalled that in the diary of Gerard Bill, he mentioned that after the Sid Empire of the elves got conquered, a few of the royal members escaped and went to the empire of giants. However, there were no more recordings of them after the empire of giants were destroy by the Pseudo Gods as well. From the current information, it seemed like they survived that grand massacre and lived on.

It had been ages since the elves were prospering, but Akinfeev in front of him had the rare pointy ears that was a key feature of the elves as well as blond hair that only the elves with royal bloodline could have. It was clear that his bloodline was very pure; otherwise, the atavism wouldn’t be this distinct on him.

Now, Fei was sure that Akinfeev was of royal descendent of the elves.

It was very likely that his ancestors were the ones who successfully escaped from the blades of the Pseudo Gods.

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