Chapter 603: Royal Bloodline of the Elves (Part Two)

“Your Majesty, it seems like you are not surprised at all,” Akinfeev asked; he was quite curious about Fei’s calm demeanor.

“I already somewhat guessed it.” Fei didn’t try to hide it. He laughed and said, “The first time I saw you was when the black armored enemies were defeat, and Priest Zola and Holy Knight Luciano came back to Chambord. You were on the last carriage in that caravan, and I saw you when you lightly showed yourself through the window. I was curious back then, and I thought you were the secret love child of a big figure in the Holy Church. I didn’t expect you to be the descendant of the elves in the legends.”

“Back then, Your Majesty was heroic and convinced Zola and Luciano with only a few words; I admire you a lot!”

The smile on Akinfeev’s face always seemed pure and real. As he lightly waved, two leaves on a vine that was climbing on the wall suddenly rolled up themselves and turned into the shape of cups. Then, another vine lightly shivered, creating drips of morning dew out of nowhere. Then, these drips of morning dew slid down the leaves and fell into the green cups, soon filling them up.

As if they had minds of their own, the vines extended outward and stopped when the two cups were in front of the two people.

Fei didn’t hesitate to take the cup and chugged it down. He instantly felt very refreshed, and he felt like all the pores on his body opened. As he moaned slightly, he suddenly thought of a legend and laughed, “I heard that [Dew of Elves] is a treasure that even the gods desire in the legends. I didn’t think I would be lucky enough to enjoy it today.”

“Your Majesty, you are teasing. This is only a little technique that we elves are good at. These drips of morning dew are only wood elements that had been absorbed and condensed by these plants for a year. Drinking it will make you feel refreshed, and it is far from the real [Dew of Elves]. The golden age of the elves is long gone, and no one can create [Dew of Elves] anymore in this world.” A sad expression appeared on Akinfeev’s face when he said that.

It was the pain that this blond young man felt after his bloodline woke up, and he could never forget the loss of his race.

After a moment of pause, the smile was restored on Akinfeev’s face. He added, “Your Majesty’s instinct is quite sharp; I’m indeed a secret love child. There was nothing unique about me when I was young, but the power of my elf bloodline started acting up once I turned 15 years old. My body underwent some transformations, and some people detected it.”

Akinfeev didn’t try to hide his background, and his expression didn’t change when he admitted that he was a secret love child.

Fei nodded and frowned. “However, it doesn’t seem like a good thing for you.”

Akinfeev nodded and replied, “You are right. In the legends, the elves were affiliated with the demons who were the nemeses of the gods, and the gods are worshipped by the Holy Church. Therefore, if the Holy Church discovers my real identity, I would be dead.”

Fei nodded and waited patiently for Akinfeev to continue.

“However, my father is influential and has some power. He is nice to me, and he switched my identity before the catastrophe struck and made my old identity disappear. I turned into a devoted priest-in-training and traveled around the continent. In the end, I came to the most northern empire, Zenit, and arrived at Chambord after following Priest Zola who is weak and insignificant in the Holy Church.” Akinfeev was very brief and concise with his explanation, but Fei was able to sense the great danger and threats behind those words. A young man had to leave his home and wander around homelessly in order to escape from tragedy, and who knew how long of a distance he traveled.

“Your father is quite brave. The most dangerous place is the safest place. By staying in the back garden of the church, no one would doubt your identity. However, it seems like you aren’t at Chambord just to try to escape the tragedy, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have tried to sneak into the back mountain of Chambord.” Fei didn’t hide around the bush and asked the tough question.

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