Chapter 604: Friend & Invitation (Part One)

“In the legends, after the demons lost the great war, their affiliated races such as the dwarves, elves, goblins, and giants were faced with the upcoming massacre led by the gods and the humans. In order to extend the lives of their members, these races were forced into the mountains and forests at the most northern part of the known continent and had to leave the safe territories. I did my research, and I’m almost 100% sure that the origin of that mass migration started somewhere close to Chambord. Therefore, I wanted to come here and check to see if my ancestors left any marks or traces. If I could find the legendary [Ancient Path of Blood and Tear], I might be able to find my people on the other side of the most northern mountains and forests.” Akinfeev slowly explained, “The [Ancient Path of Blood and Tear] was a path in the most northern mountains and forests that was created by the blood and tear of many dwarves, elves, goblins, and giants. The most northern mountains and forests contained an unlimited amount of danger, and many of members of the four races died on the path. It was heard that it is now the only safe path that leads to the unknown land in the north. However, this is only a rumor, and most of the famous traveling poets and historians are doubtful toward the legitimacy of this claim.”

Fei was shocked by what this blond young man told him.

It was the first time the king heard that the starting point of the suicidal migration of the four most famous races which were affiliated with the demons in the Mythical Era was near Chambord. Although he learned a lot about buried truth of history from the bloody diary that Emperor Gerard Bill of the dwarves wrote, there was also evidence proving that the mass migration of those four races wasn’t fictional.

Could there be common grounds and connections between the two ‘truths’ that were contradicting? What role did the ancient city of Chambord play in that era?

“Unfortunately, I didn’t discover anything this year. There are traces left by the dwarves from the Mythical Era in and out of the Chambord Castle, but they are random and don’t lead to anything. Hehe, also, since Your Majesty turned the back mountain into a military restriction zone, I’m no longer able to enter with my current strength. I tried to get deep into the most northern mountains and forests, but I was only able to wander around aimlessly and didn’t discover anything. In fact, I almost died under the sharp claws of a few high-leveled demon beasts. Perhaps the [Ancient Path of Blood and Tear] is only a myth and doesn’t really exist.” A lonely expression appeared on Akinfeev’s face as he said that.

Fei lowered his head; he could understand this blond young man’s feeling.

Fei saw Will Smith’s movie, I Am Legend, back on Earth. In that movie, most of the human race except for the main character was extinguished, and the zombie-like creatures called Darkseekers evolved into the new rulers of Earth. That feeling of being excluded by the world and unspeakable loneliness were devastating and terrible.

However, Fei wasn’t able to tell Akinfeev about the discoveries he made in the underground cave of Chambord, the bloody diary of the emperor of dwarfs, as well as the last ancestral place.

As he looked at the lively garden and sensed the abundant wood elements in the air, Fei thought about it and changed the topic. He laughed and said, “Since you are trying to hide your identity, why would you create such a unique space with abundant wood elements? All of these are characteristics of the elves; wouldn’t this make others discover your real identity easier?”

“Haha, no one normally comes here. Also, you know that Priest Zola who is managing this place is a useless and greedy b*stard. Since this fake identity of mine has some background, and I pay him a certain number of magic gems a month as rent, he never bothers me.”

Even though Fei had a lot of questions, this young man who had elf bloodline didn’t mind. It seemed like he hadn’t talked with anyone this openly in a long time, so he wasn’t getting impatient at all.

“Since the elf bloodline inside of me is getting more and more powerful, I almost couldn’t suppress the atavism that is occurring. If I live somewhere for a while, that place will become mystic just like this. Also, once I leave the abundant wood elements, I would be like a fish that is out of the water; I won’t live long.”

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