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Hail the King Chapter 604.2

Chapter 604: Friend & Invitation (Part Two)

The elves lived in forests; they relied on wood elements and life energies, and the wood elements and life energies were quite fond of the elves as well. It was heard that if the elves lived in places where it lacked wood elements, they would soon wither just like flowers without oxygen.

The elf bloodline in Akinfeev’s body was getting more potent; it was a rare case of atavism. If Akinfeev could still be considered a human before he was ten years old, he was now half-human and half-elf. As the atavism intensifies, Akinfeev would slowly turn into a real elf. Just like ancient elves, he would gain exceptional wood-elemental magic talent and even obtain the powerful and mysterious bloodline inheritance masteries and techniques of the royal elves.

Although a lot of benefits would come with the mutation, Akinfeev would need to sacrifice a lot as well.

One day, he would be 100% reliant on wood elements. Just like how fishes couldn’t survive without water, he would die when there weren’t enough wood elements around him.

Fei suddenly realized why Akinfeev looked pale and ill. It seemed like he was turning into an elf, and he was getting more and more irritated by the external environment. If he couldn’t find a residence in a place with abundant wood elements, his life would be in danger as time passed by.

The elves were like beautiful art pieces; they could be powerful and great, but they were fragile at the same time.

After giving it some thought, Fei felt like he had a solution to Akinfeev’s current situation. However, this matter was very complicated, especially when this handsome blond young man, who had royal golden elf bloodline, had a powerful father. Therefore, before Fei could do a thorough investigation, he didn’t want to take too much risk.

He took out a bottle of purple [Full Rejuvenation Potion] from his storage ring and passed it to Akinfeev as a friend.

“This potion could restore vitality and suppress all negative effects. It might help with your current situation, and you can give it a try,” Fei said.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Akinfeev accepted Fei’s kindness and kept the potion.

“Oh, one more thing. I know that your name is the same as the name of the Executive Knight Captain of Imperial Knight Palace of Zenit……”

“Yeah, I know that person. However, there shouldn’t be any connection between us. I think our names are just a coincidence.”

Fei nodded; all the questions on his mind were answered in their conversation, and the objectives of this talk were all achieved.

The king initially planned to expel this mysterious uncertainty, but he changed his mind completely after meeting Akinfeev. Except for the fact that he really liked Akinfeev, he somehow felt like the gloominess that enveloped the continent during the Mythical Era was about to re-appear.

Fate was an interesting thing; Akinfeev’s appearance could be one hint that was given to Fei, and this blond young man might be the key to many mysteries on Fei’s mind.

“Hahaha! Our talk today is in-depth, and I like you. From now on, we are friends. I’m getting married in 13 days, and I hope that you could attend the ceremony as a friend.” Fei waved his hand, and a gilded magic wedding invitation appeared after a red-light flash by.

“It is my honor! I will come for sure!” A child-like smile appeared on Akinfeev’s face as he took the invitation. “It seems like I am permitted to continue living in Chambord.”

“Haha! Of course! The gate of Chambord is always open to real friends,” Fei laughed out loud, and he disappeared in the next second.

However, his loud laughter resonated in the nightly sky over Chambord, unwilling to die down.

“The King of Chambord! He is a real king!” With the gilding magic wedding invitation in his hand, Akinfeev got into an excited mood. For the first time in a year, a genuine smile shone on his face.

Although Fei asked a lot of questions, they were all related to the safety and security of Chambord. As the king of this kingdom, it was necessary for him to inquire about that information.

Also, the king didn’t ask any questions that were too personal, showing adequate respect for Akinfeev.

This blond young man felt like he was lucky to make a friend like the King of Chambord.

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