Chapter 605: Upcoming Chaos (Part One)

“Your Highness, you might have taken too much risk today.”

After Fei left, those two half-elf female archers walked out of the stone house and helped Akinfeev, who already looked fatigued, to stand up.

Then, one of them frowned and said, “If that person tells anyone else about what you said, the Execution Department of the Holy Church will be here before night.”

“No, he won’t do that.”

Akinfeev stood for too long, and he slowly sat down on a stone chair beside the stone house with the support of the two maids.

As the royal elf bloodline inside his body got stronger and stronger, his physical condition worsened. Some of the powerful ancient techniques of the royal elves already appeared in his mind, but the wood elements were still lacking in the current environment. He was already at the edge of the most northern mountains and forests which resembled the ancient primitive land, but he still couldn’t find a place that was suitable for him to live at and practice the ancient techniques. If this trend continued, he would die for sure.

His two maids, on the other hand, only had a little bit of elf bloodline inside of them, and the bloodline wasn’t of royal background. Therefore, they could only be counted as half-elves. They couldn’t inherit powerful ancient techniques from their bloodlines, but they also weren’t in the awkward situation that Akinfeev was in.

However, they still had some of the characteristics of elves such as the pointy ears, beautiful faces, graceful figures, great archery skills, and talent at wood-elemental magic spells.

“I’m curious, Your Highness. Why do you trust the King of Chambord this much? He is a human after all,” the other maid asked.

“Although you two are the most powerful warriors in our clan and have lived for more than 200 years, you have only interacted with our people and lived in seclusion at Green Dew Valley. You rarely made contact with humans and don’t understand them. There are good people and bad people, just like in our clan. Right now, there are less than 100 elves including half-elves on this continent, and we should be helping each other and trying to survive in this dark time. However, there are still some elves who don’t understand my father and try to fight for power……”

“In my eyes, the King of Chambord is different from others. We have stayed at Chambord for a year, and we all witnessed the changes that took place here. We are truly fortunate to be able to get a friend like the King of Chambord.”

“Right now, the prophecy made by the last elf altar is becoming true, and the wheel of fate is turning around for the second time. Soon, the darkest era of the continent will arrive, and those devils who disappeared already are coming back……”

“The chaos will lead to new orders. This is the chance for all the races and species who are living in the darkness underground. If we couldn’t capture this opportunity, then the real doom would be waiting for us!”

“The Goddess of Fate directed us to this ancient city in the north. Perhaps the key to our future lies within Alexander, this unique person. I have a strong feeling that as long as we stand by this man, we will see the light, doesn’t matter how dark it is right now!”

As soon as Akinfeev finished speaking, the first dash of golden sunlight came through and shone on his face.

The golden sunlight, the short blond hair, and the bright and earnest smile made this young man, who was suffering from his current ill condition, look mysterious and holy. It seemed like the power of fate and prophecy was circling him quietly.

After hearing what he said, the two female half-elves looked at each other and stopped talking.

“Cough…… This potion the King of Chambord gifted to me…… Is it effective?” Akinfeev opened the purple bottle and chugged it down without even smelling it. He instantly felt refreshed as a cool sensation swept through his body, and its effect was even better than the Fresh Green Dew that took him a year to gather and create.

After drinking this potion, green light dots flew out of the flowers and vines and danced around this blond young man.

Gradually, a faint redness could be seen on this man’s face.


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