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Hail the King Chapter 605.2

Chapter 605: Upcoming Chaos (Part Two)

“Hu…… That butcher finally left……”

After sensing that Fei’s majestic aura was moving away, the people inside the mysterious room in the basement of the church exhaled and relaxed; their hearts finally calmed down and stopped racing. Their backs were all cold since their sweats almost soaked their clothes.

They thought that they were fighters for justices and were never afraid of evil, and they thought that they were willing to sacrifice themselves when they were needed. They were proud of their strengths and statuses, and they felt superior compared with others. However, at this moment when danger was so close to them, they all realized that they were far from the word – brave.

This discovery made them angry and ashamed.

“It looks like he is not here for us, and he didn’t spot us yet,” Disov said coldly as vicious lights flashed in his eyes. He lightly caressed his right shoulder that was injured by Fei. Although it completely healed already, he felt some pain from there; perhaps it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

“Strange. Why did he suddenly come here to the church?” Manzo frowned and murmured.

“Perhaps he is here to see Zola. From our earlier investigation, we know that there is a secret relationship between the King of Chambord and Priest Zola.” The calmest and most powerful person out of the four, Kadibo, guessed, “We don’t have to be too worried about this; we can figure it out soon after our men collect the information. Right now, the King of Chambord is out in the open, and we are hiding in the shadow. It is much easier for us, and we can just wait for our master to get here to solve all this.”

“Hahahaha! Great! This damn King of Chambord is still living in his dream! He really thinks that he is invincible! Hehehehe, I can’t wait to see his face when our master leads us into his palace, kill his people, and kidnap his fiancée! I swear I will humiliate him hard to make up for this injury!” Disov said viciously.

“I don’t understand. Why do we have to wait for 13 days? What is master thinking?” Rakanic complained.

“Shut up! Do you want to die? How could we doubt our master’s decision? Master has more important things to handle, and he is only free after ten days. Also, this King of Chambord killed several of our people. Master would want to humiliate him when he is the proudest and happiest.”

“Don’t worry. The King of Chambord only has a little more than ten days to live. By then, his warrior energy will be destroyed, and you can do whatever you want to him!”

“Humph! I will carve the meat off his body and force him to eat it! Hehe……”


After leaving the back garden, Fei did go and see Priest Zola.

This ‘bald rattlesnake’ had been acting properly in Chambord.

The renovation and reconstruction of Chambord required a lot of wealth, and most of it came from Fei combining lower-quality magic gems into top-tier ones using the Horadric Cube. Priest Zola was asked to sell the top-tier magic gems and get more low-quality magic gems, a commoner currency, through channels of the Holy Church. As a result, Priest Zola was able to profit quite a lot from it. Therefore, his life was way more comfortable, and he got money a lot easier. Without having to worry about too much and create schemes, he gained a lot of weight.

After Fei asked Priest Zola to get 10,000 low-quality magic gems, he wandered around the church with Zola and Luciano before leaving.

As these two top-officials in the local church saw Fei off, they looked at each other with shock on their faces as they wiped the cold sweats off their foreheads.

To be honest, they lived comfortably at Chambord this year, and they were able to get rich by not doing too much work. They liked where they were, and they didn’t want to stand on the other side of Chambord.

However, after they thought about the terrifying identities of the four people in the secret room in the basement of the church, they had to oppose the King of Chambord. Those people were way too powerful, and they promised a lot of treasures, leaving them no excuse to decline.

“I hope that their promises hold true, and they can really kill the King of Chambord easily…… Otherwise, no one could withstand the King of Chambord’s revenge.” Zola prayed in his mind.

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