Chapter 606: Principal Fei’s First Lecture (1) (Part One)

After leaving the church, Fei returned to the old King’s Palace. This place was going to become the corporate offices of the six departments as well as the ministers, so renovation was required. At the moment, the construction team was busying working here.

Since the warriors of Chambord such as Torres were cultivating in the Sky Castle and couldn’t come out, Fei took Husky, one of his guards, with him. After they dressed up a little and wandered around the city, they ran into Jessie and Alan who were observing the city with Brook. These two representatives from the Black-Cloth Shrine had been walking around Chambord for a few days now, trying to find a proper place to construct the headquarters of the shrine. However, they couldn’t find a nice location in the city.

“We don’t have to place the headquarters of the shrine in the city. We could just find a mountain behind Chambord and make it the new holy mountain of the Black-Cloth Shrine.” Since Fei was taken by the beautiful mountains and forests behind the Chambord City, he suggested casually.

However, his light suggestion was taken very seriously since it sparked an idea in Jessie’s mind.

This young priest instantly took Brook and Alan to the back mountains of Chambord to look for a proper location.

Since this young man was a top-tier Half Moon Elite who was even more powerful that Lampard, he and the other two wouldn’t be in danger as long as they didn’t go too deep into the mountains. Therefore, Fei just let them be.

Dark-skinned Husky, on the other hand, learned a lot at Chambord, and he told Fei a lot of his interesting experiences.

For example, when he tried to use the public washrooms for the first time, he walked into the female washroom. A bylaw enforcement officer instantly stopped him and educated him. In order not to bring shame to the king, this guard didn’t tell anyone his identity. Also, when he used a magic water fountain, he forgot to stop it afterward. He got spotted by the bylaw enforcement officer and got scolded again. Then, he ran a red light and got identified by the same bylaw enforcement officer for the third time……

This dark-skinned king’s guard told Fei his experiences joyously. Even though they were a little embarrassing, Fei still had fun listening to it.

Under his plan, the citizens of Chambord were used to the new yet interesting life changes that were strange to them at first. What Husky told Fei happened to many Chambordians when these new items and systems were put in place, but they soon adapted to the ways that people in Fei’s previous life lived, and they realized the benefits that the new laws and systems created. All these small things were added together, making the Chambordians even more proud. In a way, what Fei implemented helped Chambord to get more united and stronger.

Compared with Torres who was always respectful toward the king and never doubted the king’s decision, Husky was a little unprofessional. This simple-minded man never held back anything and said whatever was on his mind. In addition, he was a bit careless and made many small mistakes.

However, Fei liked these unique characteristics about him.

When he was with this simple-minded young man, Fei felt like his life was more fun. He didn’t need to maintain the prestige as the king, and he could do whatever he felt like with Husky.

As the two of them wandered around the city happily, more than half a day passed without them noticing. Soon, they arrived at a shop that was on the main street and was under renovation.

“This is the symbol of Soros’ Merchant Group,” Husky said as he pointed at the huge logo on the banner that was being hung.

The Soros’ Merchant Group was indeed influential. They quickly got shops in the busiest region of Chambord, and the set up wasn’t small. Four to five shops in a row were bought, and the logo of the group was already placed on them. Less than three days passed since the group got here, but the renovation was almost done.

Among the people in this busy area, Fei quickly spotted Jessica who was beautiful and had a nice figure.

This girl who used to live in a poor neighborhood in Dual-Flags City shone like a precious gem. She had only been here for a few days, but there were already several handsome pursuers after her. They were all here trying to help with the renovation, trying to catch this girl’s attention.

“Hey! Sister! It is me! We are here!” Husky shouted from quite far away.

“Emile……” Jessica turned around out of surprise when she heard the call. When she saw the figure beside her brother, her eyes lit up. She was too familiar with this figure; you could say that this figure was sealed into her mind. Even though Fei tried to hide his identity, this girl instantly recognized him.

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