Chapter 606: Principal Fei’s First Lecture (1) (Part Two)

Today, Jessica was wearing a tight-fit purple dress as well as a pair of tall low-heel boots. These were all the popular designs made by Auntie Mary’s workshop, elegant and straightforward, and they emphasized all the perfections of this girl’s body. Her smooth long hair was tied into a bun with a silver butterfly hair clip, and her smooth forehead was revealed as her curly bangs were pulled back as well. In addition, she was wearing a pair of dark-red ear pins, making her look like an Azeroth-style office lady.

“Your Majesty…… Ah…… You are here……” Jessica who was already used to running businesses and was smooth at talking suddenly blushed and didn’t know what to say.

Fei, on the other hand, didn’t notice the strange behavior of the girl in front of him. Since he was recognized, he didn’t try to hide his identity anymore.

He smiled and greeted her.

He was actually a little surprised since he discovered that the pureness on her was getting more intense, and her aura was almost identical to Angela’s.

“Jessica, I have a little gift for you.” Fei took out a God-Fooling Badge from his storage ring and gave it to Jessica.

If Fei weren’t wrong, Jessica’s physique and soul were very similar to Angela’s, and she probably also had the so-called world’s purest soul which was very rare. That must be the reason why he felt like she was familiar when they first met.

Fei’s wedding was approaching, and a lot of strangers would appear in the city. Fei was worried that other people might notice Jessica for the wrong reasons, and he hoped that this God-Fooling Badge could help Jessica hide her special aura and avoid unnecessary trouble.

However, this girl didn’t know that much.

It was the first time that she received a gift from someone she liked, and it felt like a dream to her. She couldn’t believe that it was really happening right away, and she only reacted after a few seconds. As she took the God-Fooling Badge from Fei, she grasped onto it tightly as if it was the most important thing in the world.

After that, Fei thought about it and still wasn’t reassured. He added, “This badge has a special effect. You should wear it all the time, and it will bring good luck to you.”

“Oh…… really? Ok…… I…… I will wear it on me……” Jessica stuttered and nodded. She said to herself secretly, “Since you gave it to me, I will have it with me forever!”

Perhaps it was already determined in her fate, even though she knew that the gap in identity between them was huge and this man was getting married to his two beautiful fiancées in 13 days, this poor girl couldn’t help since she fell for Fei completely already.

“Hahaha! Well, that is it for now. The new stores are opening, and it will keep you busy for a while. Respectable Boss Jessica, please attend to your businesses; I won’t bother you anymore. Hahaha, girl, remember what you said back at Dual-Flags City. We will always be friends! If you encounter any issues, just asked Husky to come and find me.” Fei had a great impression of this girl, and he smiled and joked. Then, he didn’t want to delay Jessica’s work anymore and left.

After finding a place and eating lunch, Fei and Husky wandered around before going to the [City of Heroes] in the back mountain of Chambord before 2 PM.

As he promised, he was going to give the first lecture to the students of Chambord’s Civil and Military University today as the principal.

-16th floor in the [City of Heroes]-

When Fei walked into the biggest classroom on campus, he was stunned; this room was packed full of people. Except for close to 2,000 university students, there were some bylaw enforcement officers and saint seiyas. These people usually dropped in and listened to all sorts of classes taught by the professors and instructors, and they all rushed here after knowing that the king was going to teach this class.

In fact, even some of the officials from the six administrative departments were here, waiting for Fei to give his first lecture.

Right now, Fei was regarded as the most powerful master in the kingdom as well as the wisest intellect. Therefore, both people who were in the civil stream and the military stream were all anticipating this class.

They weren’t far off the truth.

After living in the information-focused 21st century on Earth as well as going through many mysterious situations, getting taught by Martial Saint Krasic for a month, and comprehending many ancient techniques and martial art theories from [Demon King’s Sword], Fei didn’t even need to draft an outline for this class.

Since he noticed that there weren’t only university students in the audience, Fei instantly modified and adjusted the content of this class.

This was an important class, an important afternoon for the elites of Chambord; it would affect the rest of their lives significantly.

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