Chapter 607: Principal Fei’s First Lecture (2) (Part One)

Although there were only about 3,000 people either sitting or standing in here, they packed this biggest room in the [City of Heroes]. Every single one of them had crazy admirations on their faces, and they held onto their breaths as they listened to the king who was lecturing in front of the classroom. They were afraid that if they breathed heavily, it would affect their listening.

The lecture went on.


The king would tell a joke or two occasionally, and the audience would laugh out loud.

Fei grasped the atmosphere and the tempo from the beginning, and he enjoyed talking and lecturing a lot of people; he suspected that he was gaining a teaching fetish.

The king didn’t try to brainwash his citizens with principles such as 100% loyalty to the kingdom, serving the kingdom at all cost, and dying for the kingdom was an honor, and he also didn’t promote the shocking viewpoints from his previous life. Instead, like an old friend, he recalled and summarized what happened in the year subjectively.

The events that took place around the audience were able to get them to resonate with what Fei was talking about, and thunder-like applauses sounded frequently.

Everyone was taken by the stories that the king was telling, and some of the more emotional students and soldiers teared up when Fei told everyone about the invasion of the black-armored enemies, the expedition the soldiers of Chambord went on, the competition among all affiliated kingdom of Zenit, and what happened at Dual-Flags City from a first-person perspective.

They heard a lot of blood-boiling battles that they didn’t know about from the king in an even more thrilling way.

Fei took out more than a dozen divy crystals from his storage ring, placed them on the table, and injected magic energies into them.

Some videos started playing. There were scenes where people like Torres and Drogba didn’t back off when fighting powerful opponents on the Sword-Testing Stages at St. Petersburg, where warriors of Chambord battled with [Snow Mountain Hermit] and his mighty disciples, and where thousands of soldiers charged into the formations of 60,000 soldiers of Jax……

All these events that took place were all documented by Fei using these special crystals, and they were all going to become precious historical documents that were going to be used for educational purposes as a part of the king’s plan. This was the first time that Fei showed these footages, and the visual impact and effects were better than Fei expected.

All these heroic battles and the unyielding iron-will of the warriors of Chambord made everyone in the audience feel like their souls were ignited.

These scenes were clearly displayed in front of the audience, and it felt like something was burning.

Every single audience member clenched their fists and shivered in excitement. Deep in their souls, the heroic seeds were planted and growing.

Fei smiled; his goal was accomplished.

Then, the videos that were playing on the walls of the classroom changed. Instead of battles, the funny moments that happened between people like Fei, Drogba, Pierce, and Torres were shown, and they added more characters to these powerful heroes. Through these details, the audiences understood that these heroes were just like them, fun-loving and emotional; they weren’t just battle machines.

Then, the video showed how Louise, Pato, and Brand punished the corrupt noble at the Kelun Town, how the bylaw enforcement officers made sure that the laws of Chambord were being followed when Fei and Husky wandered around the city today, and the heart-warming scenes where mothers called their children home for dinner.

The atmosphere in the classroom got lively and fun again.

As the audience watched these videos, they smiled and enjoyed these moments.

In the end, the videos froze at two scenes.

One was a brutal scene where Fei led the troops and charged through the defense formation put up by the soldiers of Jax outside of Dual-Flags City, and the other one was a heart-warming scene where a genial old lady fed her cute grandson who had mud on his face under an old tree that had new green branches on it.

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