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Hail the King Chapter 607.2

Chapter 607: Principal Fei’s First Lecture (2) (Part Two)

“Alright, in the end, I still need to tell everyone one thing; you are all the pillars of Chambord and the future of the kingdom. Therefore, you guys are responsible for remembering these two images; these two images could be flipped at any moment. In this world that is ruled by power, you need a reason to fight and put in work. Otherwise, one day you wake up, you will see enemies kill our soldiers and murdering our loved ones. That scene where blood spilled and corpses piled high could be Chambord in the future if we slack off!”

After Fei said that, the classroom fell silent.

Every one of the university students and soldiers opened their eyes wide and stared at the two images; it felt like they wanted to seal these two images into their souls.

The atmosphere was really intense.

Fei looked around and glanced at the faces of the people in the audience. He nodded delightedly and clapped before smiling and saying, “Ok, the story time is over. I hope you guys didn’t get bored……. Now, we can start the official class. From now on, I will teach a day of class once a month. In the morning, I will teach the cultivation methods of warrior energy and magic energy, and in the afternoon, I will answer all kinds of questions that you guys might have……”

What Fei said made the audience excited again.

Everyone knew that the king was the most powerful master in Chambord and a cultivation genius. He was able to pressure a lot of warriors and mages who had been famous for a long time during the competition at St. Petersburg and earned a lot of rewards for the Chambord Kingdom. Right now, the king could be counted as one of the top masters at Zenit, and it was a rare and precious opportunity to be able to ask him questions.

Fei didn’t let down these people who were thirsty for knowledge.

Although they were the same basic theories that the instructors at the university taught already, they somehow seemed clearer and more understandable when the king explained them again. A lot of people noticed that questions which troubled them for a long time now solved themselves, and the learning process became more fun and more interesting.

Fei was one of the most powerful masters at Zenit to begin with, and he had a ton of combat experience. He was taught by Martial Saint Krasic, learned many ancient techniques from the cultivation encyclopedia, [Demon King’s Wisdom], and had been studying various scrolls in order to create new techniques for the saint seiyas of Chambord. In a sense, he was already a grandmaster in terms of cultivation understanding.

Therefore, when the king explained his understanding to others with simple words, the audiences got mesmerized and felt like they were having epiphanies.

When Fei tried to explain his understanding to the people who were a lot weaker, he felt like it was benefiting him a lot as well. He was grouping his understanding into systems and condensing them, solidifying his cultivation foundation and forming his style.

His clear voice resonated in this big classroom and echoed throughout the [City of Heroes].

With fascinated expressions on their faces, the audience members were taken by the king’s lecture. Even the not-so-bright students and soldiers felt like a gate that they never knew existed before opened in their minds, and a new world was embracing them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, more than a dozen warrior energy flames appeared in the audience.

These people suddenly broke through the threshold and went onto a new realm after listening to the king’s lecture! They achieved the things that they had been trying hard to do subconsciously!

Fei didn’t anticipate this, but it was within reason.

Fei had access to a lot more corpses in the Jax Battle Zone, and he used the skill, [Find Potion], and got a lot of [Hulk Potions]. With this large supply, almost all the university students and soldiers at Chambord had taken a small dosage and got their bodies transformed.

With the new-gained talent, hard work, and learning from the experienced instructors from [Rogue Encampment], these students already had firm foundations. Now after listening to the lecture of Fei, a grandmaster, it was reasonable that the thresholds which had been blocking their progress were broken.

After Fei finished the first half of the class, two hours passed.

Within this time, 140 university students and soldiers achieved breakthroughs and got more powerful; it was miraculous!

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  1. ShowGun

    What a stronk aoe buff!

  2. Leon

    It this mary sue?

    • Goldenzeal

      a little bit, but like for the story this one actually makes some sense.
      its still better then a no name swimmer who magically turned out to be half mermaid or some s--t and could somehow swim / remove deep sea pressure better then a moon master even if he was like 4 star or something.

      • Eric Duttierre

        No, wait that’s also make sense considering the story so far. The elf guy Ativ also goes in the same process, elfs, mermaid and sh*t start to appear is forshadowing an imminent treat. In other word something more powerful than all the Sun-class lords in Azeroth are about to wipe some a**es

  3. Buhri

    Shouldn’t the cultivation encyclopedia be Demon King’s Sword and not Wisdom?

  4. Kensho Agizuki

    Fei became a Master Teacher. Too bad he didn’t have the Library of Heaven’s Path.

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