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Hail the King Chapter 608.1

Chapter 608: Principal Fei’s First Lecture (3) (Part One)

The first half of the class that was meaningful and significant to the elites of Chambord ended, and some people looked reluctant to take the break. Many of them were still focused on their cultivation and solidifying their realms and couldn’t wake up from crazy enlightenment state.

Then, it was the question and answer session that Fei talked about.

For a moment, almost all the audience members’ eyes lit up; they all wanted to get the opportunity to ask the most powerful master at Chambord, King Alexander, questions.

After seeing the burning stares, Fei calculated the time and laughed, “Don’t worry, everyone who is in the room can get the chance to ask me one question!”

What Fei said instantly stirred up the people.

The king’s kind and approachable attitude excited the university students and soldiers, and they admired him even more. After keeping themselves in check, they stood up and waited for their turns.

A 14 years old blond boy who was sitting in the first row got the first chance to ask Fei a question. When being able to interact with his idol, this little guy got really nervous. His mind went blank, and the question he prepared ahead of time was gone. With a blushed face, he didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t be so nervous; go slow. You can call me principal or instructor during class time. Eh, let me see. You are cultivating an ice-elemental warrior energy…… Do you feel like when you are trying to advance to the Two-Star realm, the third main energy channel in your right arm is a little stuffed?” Fei smiled and said to this boy. With his strength, he only needed one glance to figure out what this boy who was at peak One-Star was troubled by.

“Ah, yeah! I asked several instructors, and they all say that I don’t have enough accumulations. But…… but I have been stuck at peak One-Star for three months now. My classmates who started later than me already…… already advanced through……” This boy calmed down after seeing Fei’s smile, and he was able to get his question out.

“Eh, this is because when you first broke through this third energy channel, you rushed it, and the process was too aggressive. You suffered a small injury, and this third energy channel was damaged a little. Although it isn’t significant and is hard to detect, it is there, and it is stopping you from advancing. The instructors are not wrong; if you accumulate enough energy and try again, you will advance. However, this hidden injury will always be there, and it will affect how far you can go in the future. It will make it hard for you to reach the Moon-Class realm. Remember, cultivation itself is dangerous, and you should always be patient and think about the long-run. Also, you shouldn’t compare yourself to your classmates too much. Otherwise, the small injuries will block your path of becoming a powerful master later.”

Even though Fei was facing this boy, his words were for everyone in the classroom.

Currently, Chambord was experiencing rapid growth, and the university students, as well as soldiers, were all competing. The positive competition was a good thing in most cases, but that wasn’t the case for cultivation.

Obtaining and using both warrior energy and magic energy were dangerous, and fortitude, persistence, and intelligence were required. If one focused on speed, many other aspects would be neglected. There had been too many geniuses who wanted to get strong fast and got many minor injuries along the way, limiting their potentials.

After Fei finished speaking, he lightly patted this boy’s right arm.

This boy instantly sensed a streak of heat entering the third energy channel in his right arm. As he tried to circulate warrior energy inside his body again, he was pleasantly surprised when it flowed through this third energy channel smoothly.

Then, a dash of blue fire flashed by, igniting his warrior energy flame. In an instant, he advanced to the Two-Star realm, which he had been dreaming about for a long time.

This magical scene was no longer surprising in the audience member’s eyes. They felt like it would be strange if this boy didn’t breakthrough after being personally instructed by the king.


“Your physique is more fitted for cultivating wood-elemental warrior energy. Although wood-elemental warrior energy can lead to fire-elemental warrior energy, it wouldn’t be pure. I recommend you finding a wood-elemental training scroll from the library; cultivating both wood-elemental and fire-elemental warrior energies might not be a bad thing. I would recommend cultivating both [Green Forrest Scroll] and [Fire Ignition Scroll] together…”

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